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Everybody knows about Dr. Alkamas who is the COO of the very famous group called the Al Badie Group in UAE. This is the oldest and well-renowned group which has diversified the businesses in various sectors from travel and tourism to hospitality, oil and gas, insurance, real estate and various others.

Dr. Yaseen Alkamas is holding a top level position in the same group and working day and night in order to take the profit and success of the group to the next level. He has got various achievements due to his ultimate strategic planning and managerial activities. Just check out the glimpse of his major roles and responsibilities as follows-

Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas is the best in holding the group operations management and he ensures that everything goes using authentic and best practices. Aside this, he has full control over the financial management and got trained in the same domain. He has acquired complete knowledge about business strategies, planning and development and optimizing the resources in order to attain the vision and mission of the group.

Dr. Yaseen is also the best in terms with the international business development, research and development, consultant and team management and various other domains and due to the same he is just pushing business growth on continuous basis.