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Posted by on October 16, 2017

Tesla cars are among the trendiest cars available in the market today. Tesla is market leader in manufacturing electric vehicles and the company has gained a significant amount of popularity over the recent years for the development of sustainable and autonomous technology. It uses cutting-edge technologies to offer best-in-class experience to the car owners.

As the usage of electric cars is rapidly growing than fueled cars and supercars, Tesla is going towards becoming a nice-to-have tech vehicle for many, with Model 3 which is cheaper than the previous models the Model S and the Model X.

Mobile App to Control Model S and Model X:

Tesla’s mobile app was really received well when it was launched in 2012 and it was ahead of the industry peers at the time. Tesla mobile app was developed for Model S and Model X to monitor and control the vehicles. There are different features available in this app.

  • Keyless locking and unlocking, with password
  • Temperature controlling inside the car
  • GPS Location: to know your vehicle location and speed
  • Valet Mode: to hide all personal data
  • Charging Status: to check the charging progress

These are the few features already available for the Model S and Model X. Now manufacturers and mobile app developers of the Tesla have added several new to the mobile app.

Latest updates in Tesla Model 3:

Tesla Model 3 cars don’t use key, but rather a digital key card enabled by Bluetooth technology is used to operate the car for locking and unlocking. The reporter at Teslarati, Matt D’Angelo recently reported that the new features added to the Tesla mobile app is really impressive.

In addition to the standard remote function that is available for Model S and Model X, the latest mobile app update adds the ability to open the Model 3 front trunk directly from the app.

The Tesla mobile app provides the following features:

  • Use your smart phone as your Model 3 key to lock and unlock  from distance
  • Check charging progress and receive notifications when charging has started, interrupted, or completed.
  • Flash the exterior lights or honk the horn to find Model 3 when parked.
  • Park or unpark Model 3 using Summoning feature – Auto Parking Software


The Tesla mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. The app is not only designed for the Tesla vehicles users but also for the Tesla’s Powerwall technology. The Tesla Powerwall is the next generation revolutionary home battery system that helps make the most of electricity generated by solar panels. Beyond the app developed by Tesla, some third-party mobile app development companies India are working to contribute to the electric car industry.

Apart from the above features, there are many security features included in the Tesla app as digital locking and unlocking features are available at the touch, tap, or swipe of a finger.  The “Valet Mode” limits the vehicle’s functionality once the car is turned over to valet services. Basically, personal data on the touchscreen will be hidden. The trunk and glove compartment are locked. Car’s maximum speed and performance can be limited for the valet driver.

On the other hand, there are many Artificial Intelligence development companies working on autonomous vehicles. As a vehicle that is constantly being innovated, Tesla vehicles have become among the most popular cars in the market today.

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