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Posted by on February 21, 2018

What is AMP

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages in SEO is the framework or open source code, which has been mainly introduced to boost the loading speed of websites in mobile phones. As businesses are increasingly routing for mobile app development companies, the usage of mobile apps and consequently, the browsing rate which directly corresponds to the loading speed of websites, have become a very important factor. And as mobile app development has come far enough to invent web apps, AMP also works with cross-platform apps that run HTML codes.

In the light of the scope of mobile browsing growing rapidly, Google introduced AMP in October 2015 to make the websites load faster in the mobile phones.

AMP is a decisive factor in success of a mobile website because if the loading speed of a website is good enough, the user experience is at least at its max potential. As the user experience with site increases, the user will engage for longer periods with the website, and also the bounce rate of site will be decreased.

So after a preview of what AMP can do for a website, let’s get into details of how AMP will affect your business positively.

Increases the loading speed:

As per the name suggests, AMP reduces the loading time for pages by loading parts of pages as the user proceeds to scroll or browse. As each page loads in a quick manner, user satisfaction comes as a by-product. And user satisfaction brings along, better leads followed by better sales.

Reduces the bounce rate:

Accelerated Mobile Pages also tackles one of the biggest issues faced by the business operating online; the bounce rate. You can define bounce rate as the percentage of people leaving the website after viewing just the first page, thereby reflecting disinterest. The most common cause of this disinterest is slow page loading, which compels users to leave and look for other options available on the internet.

Improves mobile ranking of the website:

Accelerated Mobile Pages also increases the mobile rank, AMP does not solely improve the mobile rank but favours the mobile rank of the website. With AMP, the loading speed of the website increases and also the website will be more mobile friendly when compared to the non-AMP websites, which have slow loading, and also some websites may be unresponsive.

Visibility of the site will be increased with AMP:

AMP also widens the visibility of site as the websites with AMP can be distinguished from other websites with the help of a ‘Green’ AMP symbol that sits right next to the search result. This way the user gets to know that this particular website has AMP integration, and the visitors will automatically prefer and open the site with AMP. So, in a way, AMP directly fetches attention of the users, and effectively allows you to stand out among your competitors.

Consumption of the mobile data will be less in AMP sites:

The amount of data used or consumed in non AMP website is also more when compared to the amount of data consumed by the AMP website because if the site loading is less the user has to keep glancing the page for very long time, this consumes more data.

 Reduces the load on the server:

If the number of visitors visiting the site is more, the sites server may fall down sometimes, by the use of AMP the load on the server will be released this may be a big boost to the server in the lag times and accelerated mobile pages also increases the server performance. This it achieves through systematic loading of pages as the user proceeds to view information. So, with AMP, each user is viewing only selective content, at a time.

Visitor Analytics can be easily done:

With the use of accelerated mobile pages, analytics can be carried out easily. And with that, we get to know about the browsing behaviour of the visitors in the site, where you can also have an option of automated analytics. Mobile app developers can use these insights in various ways in the apps they build.

Favours the Ads:

AMP pages also favour the ads, where the ad display time is very fast and helps them to get viewer attention fast and most effectively. And if the Ads are getting view counts, the chances of selling your product or service also get higher.

To build a quick presence in the market, AMP integration of your website is very important. While everyone is trying to adopt heavier scripts, AMP is capable of providing better and faster interface. On the user’s end, other than delivering a great deal of information, AMP reduces mobile data consumption, making it a win-win for both the sides.

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