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Posted by on January 24, 2018

If you are small business owner, and have assumed that mobile apps are only for big businesses, you may not be right. Having a website is not enough to reach audience, because online activities are rapidly moving towards mobile apps, as the recent survey suggests that people are using mobile phone more than watching television. Among them, 90 percent of time is spent on mobile apps only. Now-a-days every small business like corner coffee shops are routing to mobile app development having their own app. So, to reach the right audience, it is vital for you to have an app.

Now if you are thinking about having an app, here are some important things you need to know about mobile apps:

  • Join the Trend

As per survey conducted in 2017, 2 out of 3 small businesses have already planned to get their own app and 40-50 percent other small businesses already have their own app. This show how important an app is to help you sustain in the competitive environment:

  • Boost Sales

It is proven that the sales of a product is increased by more than 30% if company has recently started the mobile app facility because the visibility of our product increases. This way, people get to know about a product and develop interest in it. In this case, if your app is informative and serves the purpose, your sales are bound to go high. Please note that in order to boost sales, you at least need to have a shot at the market, which a mobile app avails you.

  • Reach out to customers

No one is willing to waste time on search engines, searching for their requirements. If you have a particular app, your prospective customers can directly use it to place orders, view the range that you offer and more. So, to provide convenience to your customers, having an app is important.

  • Direct Marketing

Mobile apps helps you to be in consistent contact with your customers. With push notifications or pop ups, you can inform your customer about the services and the ongoing offers on your products.

  • Awareness

If the customers frequently engages with your app, this means that he may buy your product in upcoming days, and as more your app is visible to the customers more possibility of customer to buy your product.

  • Improves communication

The communication increases as the app directly provides the information about the services, offers and products by some pop up notifications. It also promotes bonding between the customers and company, thereby retaining more loyal customers.

  • Purchasing becomes easier for customer

With integrated payment system in mobile app making the payment becomes very easy to the customers, and that to in a secured by minimizing the customer staff. But then make sure to ask your mobile app developers adopt latest payment channels and gateways that are being launched by big players in the payment space.

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

Customer satisfaction will be most important factor to be considered while doing business by using mobile app we can know about our service, pros and cons of our business by review system, if there is any problem we can solve it very easily. This is because most of the analytics services have tools that can be used to analyze the stats of an app.

  • Competitors

These days the usage of mobile app is not 100 percent by the small businesses. So take a lead and be the first to have app among your competitors and be in the top among your customers. But then it is not certain that you will not face any competition. So, while getting an app build, don’t forget to work of areas where your competitors lag.

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