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Posted by on September 19, 2018

Over the past few decades we have seen improvement in medication form since technology has grown significantly. As a result people are treated off their sickness. There are different types of medication in which they include; prescription drugs and those that a pharmacist sell on the written order given by a qualified personnel like a nurse or a doctor. Most cases medication has become expensive every day. The available medication is not enough for the present world population. As the years goes by new diseases are coming our way and it our job to work on the cure to avoid any case of disease eruption and spread. Many countries in the world spend much in the medication of its citizens. Cases of viruses in the some country costs it great fortune. There are different medication for separate diseases. Diseases may be caused by bacteria, virus or fungi.

Medication of virus is expensive to uphold and to manufacture. Pharmaceutical companies has invested much in the production of medicinal products. Their main aim is to find the cure for many diseases which cause havoc on earth. These companies are licensed to produce medicine and sell it to governments or private endeavors. In most cases these companies get huge profits from the medicinal products. Most companies operate in large scale thus it is easy to engage in any medicinal research.
Medication are a basic commodity in any one life thus governments are tasked to provide measures to control any cases of price discrimination. As a result countries partner to provide efficient medicine to its citizens. Medication vary in different components. In some medicines there are some components which are aimed at reducing your fever and other to reduce your headache. These components are hard to make and requires great scientific investment to make sure that the drugs are eligible.

During the administration of the medication some guidance is needed and if the patient doesn’t follow the doctor or any other qualified personnel prescription may suffer added complications. Usage of large doses of the drug may damage your body system. Large amounts of any medication may cause nausea, anxiety and fever. In order to avoid one need to make sure he/she follows the prescription. Finally medication differ in administration some drugs are injected directly in the blood track, others are given orally. There are some online websites which have assisted patients in their drug consumption and one of the most high rated is the eDrugSearch.

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