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Posted by on October 31, 2018

Equity release entails to a variety of products allowing you to access cache that is tied in your home when you are over the age of 55 years. You can be able to portray your money as a lump sum or u can be able to take it in smaller amounts or you can do both. Equity release allows homeowners to access the equity pertaining to the property without moving or selling the property. The article below outlines top aspects that you should know about Ravenwood equity release.

Lifetime mortgages. A lifetime mortgage will allow a homeowner to be able to take out a loan which will be secured on their property in exchange for a cash equivalent. The repayment of this kind of loan is not necessarily to be paid during the lifetime of the homeowner as it can continue being paid even after the death of the homeowner. The loan amount that a homeowner can be able to get depends on various aspects such as property value and the applicants’ age, part of which will be safeguarded to cater for other things such as funeral costs and inheritance costs.

The other kind of equity release is known as the home reversion. The home reversions involve the homeowner disposal part or all of your property at less than the prevailing market value and in return get in regular installments or alarm sound. A certain percentage of the equity from the property can be ring fenced to be used later in life. The owner of the property can also decide to continue living in this property free of charge as a tenant but must sign an agreement to ensure and maintain the house. After the disposal of the property or the end of the plan the lender is free to collect their share of the sale.

Equity release schemes in most cases are essential ways to raise money while still living in your house but it is critical to explore other available avenues and understand all the financial implications before applying. It is essential to consult with a financial expert to find you the best suited where to save money and also access money at a certain age. Most people make your final decisions without proper consultation and research and this may cause a lot of pain and turmoil in the long run. Learn more from us at

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