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Posted by on January 23, 2020

The virus is a very dangerous and serious issue which may damage your computer or laptop or any digital device which you do use. And for your device protection, you feel need any protection software like AVG Antivirus. Sometimes, the users have to be faced any kind of error like, AVG UI Failed To Load while scanning or installing and the user don’t get understand what should have to do for getting solved this error problem. And the user thinks constantly How to Fix AVG UI Failed Error? And as well as regular thinking the user gets angry and upset. But the problem has not been getting solved by the user.

Due to some activity, the error may come:

  1. Sometimes, the user opens the folder of spam and without concerning the user clicks on the link which already has been provided for clicking. The user clicks because they don’t get to know the link is with the virus.
  2. Sometimes, the user clicks on that link which related to offer purposes like, lottery, Bank Account, Money price and as well as other offers link. The user clicks on the link due to greed.
  3. Sometimes, the user clicks on that link which related to the website of unauthorized and when the user opens the link after, downloads the crack software for their computer or laptop security purpose.

Some Easy Methods For Fixing AVG UI Failed To Load Issue:

This method only for the Windows 10 users:

If you did download and install AVG Antivirus software and after the process of installing your installed AVG is not opening while you trying and at the same time its showing error AVG UI Failed to Load. So maybe this all is happening due to the service of the configuration of improper windows. So first of all, you have to correct it them by yourself or if you want then, you can take any technical person help for fixing this issue. For talking with the technical person of AVG Support Team, you have to call on AVG Antivirus Support Phone Number once just. After, the technician will help you where until they can do.

Common Avg Issues

  1. Reboot the system what you have.
  2. After, log in with the registered account.
  3. Press the key button “Win+R” together of your keyboard.
  4. Now, the window will open of Windows service console if you use Windows 10 only.
  5. Write the command of “Services.msc” into the search bar.
  6. Now, you have to choose the option of “RDS” (remote desktop services). Click the right button of your mouse after clicking; the option of properties will automatically open.
  7. You have to choose the option of “Automatic” when you will see in the list of the drop-down.
  8. Now, click the button of apply and confirm for making changes.
  9. When the service will be stopped then, you have to change into the start.
  10. Reboot the system again one time.

If you will apply this all steps carefully then, AVG UI Failed to load issue will be getting solved easily and you can easily use your AVG antivirus again for your computer security.

AVG Antivirus Support

AVG Antivirus Support has good and talented as well as experienced technicians who do help their customer. If any user complaints or tell their issue about (AVG UI Failed to load Windows 10  or any other) whatever they are facing at that time to the technical person by calling or by choosing other option to have contacted with the technical person then, the technician helps a lot for getting solved their customer issue until they don’t solve the technician expert will not leave the case.