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Posted by on September 6, 2018

A Rice Purity Test attempts to judge how”pure” you’re within some domain of expertise by having you answer a list of questions concerning which behaves, etc. associated with the topic you have engaged in. Generally, for each”yes” response you eliminate a purity stage. The end result is scaled to tell you exactly what percentage of purity you still retain.

Rice Purity Test

History of Rice Purity Test

Purity tests have been around for ages, initially taking the kind of written lists of questions. With the dawn of the Net, it became popular to disperse them by electronic means. Some have been altered to be programs or shell scripts which would ask you every query then, and also do the calculations for you once you’re finished. Back in 1989, Eric Lechner wrote a program that will do the same thing using information documents which described different purity tests. He converted various purity tests for this format and created the Package available.

Here’s the manual page that explains it. In June 1994 I eventually finished a pyrotechnics marvel evaluation that I had started working on during exactly the identical period in which Eric wrote his schedule, and made a decision to make an HTML version of it. I wound up writing an app to convert Rice Purity Test data files in the Lechner format to HTML forms, and also yet another program that the output of this first can be transmitted to offer the individual taking the test using a score, and thus creating the first purity evaluations on the internet.


Important Note!

I get a reasonable amount of mail regarding those innocence tests, together with a few correspondents telling me that they enjoyed the evaluations, and others taking me to work for the contents of just one or another of the tests. The latter appear to have missed the advice above, namely, that I just generated a single of the evaluations below (that the Pyro test).

Should you wish to remark about the appropriateness, tastelessness, etc., of my making these evaluations out there in this format, feel free, even though as a long-time chunk style I shall generally require tasteless for a compliment. However, please at least show that you are conscious of the above-mentioned distinction. If you wish to take issue with all the contents of a test, you would be best off discussing it with the writer, if that info is available. Whatever info I have on the authorship of every evaluation is inside the text of this evaluation.


The evaluations below are listed here for your entertainment only. They aren’t a reflection of my personal opinions. Their existence here is not an endorsement of their contents.¬†They aren’t meant as a promotion of some of the functions described within them. Use your judgement!!! (sheesh! ) )

Last Note

If you realize that a payoff test ends abruptly (prior to the true end of this test), it’s probably because the HTTP transport collapsed or your browser is not capable of addressing the enormous number of checkboxes the larger evaluations have. You may wish to scroll at the bottom of a test to be certain it’s all there before filling it out since it is annoying to find out 90 per cent of the way through a 1500-question test you can not publish it.

Checkbox Purity Tests

“Omnisexual” marks tests that appear to have been supposed by their authors to become independent of sexual orientation.

  • Amiga Purity Test
  • Additional Purity Tests
  • Pyro Purity Test
  • NEW! World of Warcraft Purity Test
  • Vomit Purity Test
  • Dissociative Imaginative Characterization Disorder Test

The Armory Purity Test Scoring Engine has processed more than sixteen million test submissions at January 2010.

My Rice Purity Test

Being at Rice University just after this was designed and circulated (about Xerox copies of the bar-printer printout, which did not possess lower-case descenders, to ensure”thigh” looked like”this”, making for all types of confusion!)

Rice Purity Test

Most of my classmates scored in the 40s with a few dips into the 30s. I didn’t disclose my own, much more scandalous score, which was the subject of much speculation when I refused to disclose…

This is not the same test as was originally circulated. There were many questions about”touching a part of the opposite sex” (it was assumed that was the only valid selection for”preferred sex!”) On and around the”high” – a whole group of”place your hands on her knee then how large dare you slip it up” kind of crap. And similarly note that #31, 32, and 34 were definitely not on the test due to technology limitations, and”booty call” (#81) was not a term of art at the time.

The winner got some type of debauchery oriented trophy booze or an adult novelty.

Oh – yeah, you are likely wondering about this score… interestingly, it’s only a couple points lower today than it was then: 11 today, 15 then.


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