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Posted by on July 19, 2018

These days, a lot of kids want to have their own dog. No matter how often their mom or dad tell them that they could not have one simply because they won’t be able to take care of it, but most kids persist. Kids would feel great if they have their own dog. Dogs are unique playmates for most of the children. These creatures would not boss around or fight their friends, and they are really fun.

Even if dogs could be the best playmates, the incorrect math among small kids and huge dogs could turn the table from fun to dangerous. Fortunately, for children who want to have their own dog, there are a lot of breeds that they can choose from.

  1. Poodle – the standard poodles which are the bigger kinds of poodle are perfect option for small children. Poodles are extremely smart, lively, and passionate. They could withstand a gentle hug or bum from a small kid, and would love to play with them for many hours. View this website about pet.
  1. Labrador retriever -this dog has sufficient energy to keep children very active. They are very loyal to their owners and possess protective instincts. These dogs are widely known for being intelligent, trainable, and friendly. This would surely be the best choice for you and your family.
  1. Golden retriever – these dogs are well-tempered, love playing, and are extremely loyal to their owners. They are intelligent breed and kids would really love to teach them various tricks, as well as playing with them for many hours. Get the best dog dewormer here!
  1. Airedale – it is vital for every family with small kids to search for a dog that would be friendly and loving to their children. The Airedales are the most ideal option. This dog breed is very intimate most especially to the kids. Also, they like to play and be trained.
  1. Collies – These dogs are extremely loyal and dependable. Even though the nature of collies’ are to be herd, they could easily be adapted to the family and be trained. Collies are very loving and protective to its owners. They are great dogs for every family especially if you are looking for large dogs.

Whenever you want to have your own dog, you must take note that even if these breeds are ideal for you and your kids just always remember that they are still huge dogs. Sometimes certain accidents happen even with the friendliest dog. That is why you really want to ensure that you will watch over your kids whenever they are playing with the best large dog breeds.


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