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Posted by on September 24, 2018

Before you start on your novel, it is important to note that you will need to put a lot of energy and time in the process. There is no one formula for writing a novel as every novel uses its structure, has its way of looking at things and moves at its own pace. However, writing a novel is also a very enjoyable adventure. You get to make your characters and engage them in your world. Here are some tips to help you get to a good start with your novel.

The first thing to do is consider the setting of your novel. Be specific with the setting of your novel as possible. The settings do not only refer to the place where the novel is based, ensure you go a step further to tell your readers when the actions to place and why there. Being specific with the setting of your novel helps to engage the interest of the reader.

Consider the protagonist of your story. This is the person at the center of the action. Clearly outline the hero of your story and your readers a reason to root for him. To be realistic, ensure the protagonist of your story is flawed. Make your novel character-driven by giving the audience a good reason to care for your protagonist. It is also important to consider the villain in your story. Ensure to give your audience a good reason to hate him. Get more facts about writing at

Ensure to consider the conflict in your story. Every great novel starts with a conflict. Ensure that your novel begins with trouble no matter the genre of your story. Including conflict on the first page of your book is good for your story although this is not mandatory. Make your reader understand why you are telling that specific story within the first ten pages of your novel. This help to shape the direction of your story.

Finally, ensure that you consider the stakes in the story. Clearly explain to your audience what your main character stand to lose or gain in the story. If you want the audience to sympathize with your protagonist, make the stakes important. In many great novels, there is often more than one thing at risk. It is also crucial to ensure that what is at risk is both personal and public. This will ensure that the audience is rooting for the hero of your story. Get more info here!


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