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Posted by on May 9, 2018


You can be stressed if you are buying a house, but if you are constructing a house from scratch, you will have greater stress. Yet, building a new house has its own advantages.


It is the desire of many people to have their own homes, customized for their needs. Some people, however, don’t even dare consider it since it they think it is too expensive to build a home. The truth is that total customization of a house that is truly your own is not really that expensive if you come to thick of it. It is more expensive to pay for a house that was built for someone else’s need.


Sometimes the home that you will buy will have issues like creaking floors, ugly wallpaper, drafty windows, appliances that are not energy efficient, and many others. Some residences are inefficient. With an inefficient home, you can be paying more for utility bills or you need to spend for repair and renovation. But if you have a new home, then you are guaranteed greater efficiency. If you build your house in a neighborhood with green initiative then new homes have plans that entail energy-saving strategies. Examples of these strategies include putting solar panels and maximum insulation.


Most new homeowners don’t really think of selling their homes in the future, yet if they do, the resale value of their new home is higher than when you buy an existing home and sell it in the future. New homes are preferred because they are unique and have attractive features. You can sell your new home for a high price. Look for more facts about home renovation at


If you buy an existing house, they may be dangers to your health. It can be beautiful on the outside, and there can be things in the walls or beneath the floors that are bad to the heal Examples of these are pest infestation, mold, lead paint, asbestos which are all health risks. If you construct a new home then you are guaranteed that none of these hazards reside in your new homes in Lapine.


If you build your own home, then you can very well be proud of your brand new, custom residence. There are many benefits to building your own bend oregon home than buying an existing one. It gives you a good feeling that the place that you are living in is truly your own home and built for your needs and the needs of your family.


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