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Posted by on September 4, 2018

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Usually as a nurse, you will be trained to apply but first learn, everything that has to do with patient assessment skills. These kind of skills that a nurse will learn how to apply are skills that are the cornerstone of being a proficient nurse. When you go to a nursing school, in the first two years of you being in the school, you will get the procedures and the knowledge for the sake of developing these skills that we have just talked about. To learn more about  Nursing Education, click In the same years, q nursing student will also take on a greater load in the clinic as they deal with patients so as to start having experience of what they will be dealing with and what will be required of them once they finish their studies and once they get out into the world of heath and medication.
There is the first place that a nurse will go through which will be the assessment stage. The kinds of assessment that we will have here will be therapeutic communication, visual, touching and do hearing. The approach that is always almost used here is the cephalocaudal approach. What this means in other words is the assessment of a patient that will normally be an assessment that is from the head to the toes. To learn more about Nursing Education,  visit kaplan decision tree.  For a nurse to be able to conduct a very thorough assessment of this kind, then the nurse must make sure that he or she is very self aware. In the standard of care which in this case is diagnosis, data collection usually forms the basis for the next steps. There are se things that a nurse should have that are very necessary especially when it comes to these kinds of assessment.
The kinds of things that we are talking about here, that a nurse should make sure that he or she has are things like a pen light, a stethoscope, a sphygmomanometer, a thermometer, a tape measure and a scale. These are all things that a nurse can not conduct an assessment on a patient without. In doing an assessment, you find that the setting is also a very important thing. A nurse may ask very important questions during the assessment that the patient or the client should answer but the patient or client may fail to answer those questions if he or she is anxious or even nervous. In an emergency situation, obtaining a quiet environment is not always a very easy thing for any person to do. It is because of these that a nurse, in order for him or her to obtain a very pertinent data which will be enough for the formulation of a nursing diagnosis, must try to very observant. Learn more from


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