Oisin McHale’s Literary Trip Through Dublin

Note: Oisin McHale lives in Dublin where he runs Three Kings.

Dublin is not only one of the most written about cities in classic literature, but it is also a place that boast connections to a lot of famous writers from past centuries and today. Many of the greats either lived or worked in Dublin or they visited there long enough to get inspiration for their writings.

Anyone who loves the literary masters should give Dublin a try, as there is so much to experience there that will open their eyes to what the writers felt and experienced and how the city influenced their writing.

Oisin says, “Dublin Castle should be one of the first stops for any book aficionado. This was where Bram Stoker, who brought the legend of Dracula to the mainstream, worked for several years. His influence is still felt on this castle, and its influence is certainly felt on his writing. The castle also entertained a number of literary greats over the years, including Charles Dickens.”

The James Joyce Centre in Dublin celebrates perhaps the city’s most famous writer. His works were often impenetrable, but a lot can be learned about the man by visiting the many Joycean exhibitions, taking one of the walking tours and hearing a lecture about the writer.

Many people associate Dublin with more than just writers, though. The city is known for its pubs, and these two interests are often combined, most especially on the Dublin Literary Pub crawl. There, visitors can go to some of the same pubs that literary greats visited and see their influence still on these places.

For a look at the books themselves, though, you’ll definitely want to take some time to look the most impressive library in all of Ireland- the Long Room in Trinity College. This is a good website too, http://threekingscarpetrugcleaners.webs.com/. You will have to pay for entry there, but it is worth it to see hundreds of books from centuries ago still preserved today. Many of these come from all around the world, and they represent the history of many nations, making for a literary experience unlike any other.

If you want to own the books for yourself, then you should visit one of the many independent bookstores through Dublin. The city has a soft spot for these little shops, some of which hold numerous first editions of books by James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and many more. The Winding Stair and Ulysses’ Rare Books are just two of the many small, independent bookstores in the town that hold some incredible treasures for those willing to dig a little deeper than the literary tours.

If you would prefer to be guided through the literary history of Dublin while exploring the city, then you can join up with one of the literary tours that takes guests through the city to some of the literary hotspots. You may visit the grave of literary greats, see their old homes or take a visit to some other spots where they found their inspiration. No matter what kind of literature you love, there is something for you in Dublin that you won’t find anywhere else.

Written by Oisin McHale (Owner of Three Kings carpet cleaning service – https://threekings.ie)

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