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Posted by on June 9, 2018

Some people consider estate planning as a waste of time, however, it is vital to do it. Estate planning involves writing a will, that will ensure that those who you want to be beneficiaries of properties after you are gone get it. Without an estate planning, those who should benefit with your property may suffer if the estate planning attorney is not experienced or if the committee involved in sharing out the property is greedy. Do you know that if there is no an estate planning document your children are entitled to a large percentage of your property than your wife. Also if there is no certificate to show that she is your wife, she cannot inherit your property according to the law. It is vital to have an estate plan to avoid inconveniences. In case the beneficiaries of your property are your children and according to the laws of the land they have not attained the age where they can be in charge of the property, you can appoint a guardian for them on the estate plan. The estate plan should be clear, and according to the laws, it should include trusts, powers of attorney, property ownership, and the will should be the core document. To know more about estate planning visit this siteĀ

Estate plan documents state what should happen to your property when you are no more, parents like their children to benefit fully with properties they own. It is important to mention a guardian for your children in case they have not attained the age which they can own properties according to the laws. If guardian misses from the document, the court is responsible for appointing a guardian if both parents are no more. The funny part about guardianship is that if the mother of the children dies the father cannot automatically be the guardian but if the father dies the mother can be the guardian. It is necessary to review the document at least after three years, it is a long time, and a lot can happen within that period you can learn more on good estate planning blog here. Within three years you may, have another child and need to be included in the document. Also one of the beneficiaries may have died hence there is a need to change the document. There is a need for individuals to be informed that in all the cases, the estate plan is usually reviewed three times per year or even more if there are some changes. So choose Clear Counsel Law Group so that they can have no problems with their estate planning.


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