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Earn Money Online Doing 8 Micro Jobs that You Might Not Have Thought Of

May 10, 2019 at 10:27 am / by

Freelancers who make a living online have to constantly explore new things to offer base on their skills.  Moreover, one also needs to develop new services to offer to get new income. Here are some creative services you can consider to freelance online that you may not have considered before.

Photo On Demand

All online  stores rely on images.  Professionally taken photos are not new, but how about a casual photo taken by a customer?  It is surly more convincing than a “staged” photo.

You can offer your service to provide a product review using the product, and any mobile phone camera can do the job.   

The photos don’t need to be professionally done. It can be taking a selfie with the product, a photo with you holding a hand-written recommendation note, or it can be a photo with you viewing certain website or using certain app.

Video On Demand

Similarly to photos on demand, online businesses can also use customer-generated videos to enhance their credibility.  Product review videos can even earn millions of views on YouTube, so if you love seeing yourself on air you can certainly build your freelance portfolio based on giving video reviews.


If you have expertise in a specific area, you can sell your knowledge to others by tutoring, make good use with apps like Skype for video conferences and you are ready to go. You can teach anything from cross stitching, languages, cooking, makeupbe creative and you can find a profitable niche that no one else offers!


One-on-one consultations will always be needed, especially in the online age when people can almost find everything on the internet, there is a trend to return the human communication. You can offer in-person or virtual consultations with clients on a variety of subjects. Use a scheduling tool so customers can book blocks of time with you. You can sell your consulting time to help people design their home, provide business advice, and provide psychological advice, styling consultation or any type of guidance within your niche.

Meal Plans / Workout Plans

When it comes to health and wellness, people can often use a general guide to help them create their own positive habits. If you have experience as a personal trainer or nutritionist, you could create customized meal or workout plans for people looking to make those changes. You can sell customized meal plans or workout plans as a Micro Job.

Tour Itinerary / Tour Guiding

People are always looking to travel “off the beaten path”. Sell your knowledge as a local by turning it into an only-a-local-can-know itineraries that you have experienced and confident that others can benefit from it. Such itinerary should include good places to dine and to shop, which night club to go, which hotel to take according to the budget, etc.  

You can also offer a “local tour assistant” service, so when the customers travel to your country, they can call on you and ask things or ask for help whenever they need. If you like to meet people, you can offer tour guiding service.

Sell Your Influence

If you’ve worked hard to cultivate a dedicated audience on your blog or social media channels, you can sell that influence to brands via influencer marketing campaigns.  You get pay to writing articles in your own blog or guest blog.

Research Reports

For those who are able to perform professional research, compile your findings into a report and then offer it as a downloadable E-book or guide. You can also offer customized research reports on the area that you have access to.

The Microjob market is growing with more and more demand and supply of freelancers.  You can freelance as a side job while keep your full-time job. These 8 ideas can offer people who consider entering the freelance economy to have an easy start.



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