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Nobel Prize Laureate: Translators contributed to my prize – the importance of good translation

May 12, 2019 at 4:46 pm / by

The first draft of the Nobel Prize author took 43 days and the translation took 6 years

Mo Yan, the Nobel laureate in 2012, once said that his award is inseparable from the translator’s contribution. Mo Yan said: “The work of translation is particularly important. The reason why I won the Nobel Prize is inseparable from the creative work of translators from various countries. Sometimes, translation is more difficult than original. I wrote “Life and Death Fatigue”, the first draft only took 43 days. The Swedish sinologist Chen Anna has been translated for six years.”

I personally admire Mo Yan’s modesty, because there are very few writers, not to mention the Nobel laureate, who will be so openly grateful to the translator. In fact, translation has always been a silent and important driving force behind international communication. The exchange of state and country is inseparable from translation, and foreign trade cannot be translated. However, many translations are currently in crisis. Due to technology, many online free translation services have also increased. In order to save trouble, many business owners ignore the quality and importance of real-life translations and use machine-translated content directly to make websites or product catalogs. This situation is also very common in foreign countries. Due to the high price of Chinese translation fee in non-mandarin speaking countries, many small and medium-sized enterprises and even large enterprise personnel directly use machine translation to translate secret documents of the company in order to make a difference. But what they don’t understand is that Chinese is profound and profound, and machine translation often cannot accurately judge the true essence of the upper and lower semantics, but instead makes a big joke.

Mr. Ou Han, the founder of HSU Translations, an international professional translation company specializing in Chinese-English translation and various languages, lists several examples. He said that some foreigners may not understand Chinese at all, and some learn Chinese. They feel that they can use online machine translation. But this is a very bad idea. He specifically enumerates several examples of outrageous machine translations encountered at work.

Let’s look at a case:

problem machine translation1

The source of the above picture is a manufacturer of advanced foreign technology products. They think that the number of words in the briefing is not much, and they can be competent by machine translation. As a result, machine translation turned “Product” into a “product.” Fortunately, they contacted the HSU translation company for review before they were handed over to the customer. Otherwise, the client is unlikely to return when the document is issued. Although the best way for people of different cultures and nationalities to communicate is to learn to communicate directly with each other’s language, in reality, there are too many things to learn in life. Not everyone has to put time and spirit on language learning. We can find professional translation assistance and give them the language communication so that we can focus on what we do best.


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