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Posted by on June 29, 2018

Backyard barbecues are the highlight of the summer season. Great food, family and friends, and some volleyball or badminton make for a wonderful afternoon. A party in the evening, a movie under the stars, or a relaxing gathering on a Friday night are all fantastic ways to enjoy the warm weather. It is time to take those events to the next level.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Installing an orlando outdoor kitchen will make a substantial difference in how much time the grill master spends with friends and family. Instead of walking in and out of the house to prepare items for the grill, preparing can be done at the grill because there will be some counter space. Going between the grill and the smoker to check on food will be eliminated as all components will be in one central location. Bar seating means friends can carry on a conversation with the cook without standing around a small grill.


An increase in safety for everyone in the yard is a secondary benefit of an outdoor kitchen. Take a minute to survey the yard and picture what it looks like during a barbecue. There are plastic chairs on the lawn, the grill is standing alone close to the patio door, and a folding table holds all the food. People are sitting on uneven ground trying to balance a plate of food on their laps and a drink at their side.

Getting up for another burger becomes a challenge and a tripping hazard. The grill can be easily knocked over by the kids or the dog, a dropped piece of chicken will immediately draw ants, and guests have soda stains on their shirts or shorts due to spills. The injury and damage risks are significant.


The expense of an orlando outdoor kitchen is the biggest barrier for most homeowners. They do not think such a luxury will fit into their budgets. There is a way to have a kitchen in the backyard on a budget. Buying components directly from the manufacturer saves a significant amount of money. The freedom to mix and match elements to fit the space and explore financing options is available to customers either online or at the newest showroom in Orlando.

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