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Posted by on June 11, 2018

Pain in the body can be difficult to pinpoint. A clinical diagnosis requires a medical history, an assessment, and a variety of treatment options under one roof. Closely related disciplines utilize similar approaches to treatment and benefit from consulting with each other and the patient. Treating the complete structure of the body instead of one area provides lasting relief of pain and symptoms.


Most people are familiar with physical and occupational therapy, but there are a few other disciplines that treat the whole body rather than just the injured or painful part. Ligaments, muscles, connective tissues, and the skeleton all contribute to pain and discomfort. Sports medicine, osteopathy, and physiotherapy are disciplines that combine treatments based on the unique needs of each patient.

Components of Treatment

An in-depth initial consultation and physical assessment are the tools used by professionals to determine which treatments will best for a specific injury or condition. Various massage techniques, manual therapy, and stretching and exercise rehabilitation are common treatment components. Assessment and treatment of pelvic and spinal alignment, as well as spinal and joint manipulations, may also be recommended. Bio-mechanical assessment, mobilisations, taping, and education regarding any components that are not clear to the patient.

Medical acupuncture, aromatherapy, and building strength are some treatments offered. In addition to treating injuries, wellness activities are available to avoid injuries and keep the body flexible and strong. Private Pilates sessions for one to three people are offered, for example, to maintain core strength, be limber, and improve circulation. Facilities that provide several treatment opportunities, such as Bodyworks Edinburgh, save time and money for patients. Ongoing support is also a benefit because once an injury is healed, periodic follow up sessions will help prevent a similar injury.

Pricing and Appointments

A complete chart that outlines pricing for sessions and treatments can be found on the website. Some sessions are thirty-minutes and some are sixty-minutes. There are packages that can save money and several discounts that apply to total costs. Appointments are a necessity to ensure the right professional is available for a consultation and assessment. Those who are unsure of which discipline is most appropriate for the condition or injury can describe the discomfort and circumstances to the staff answering the telephone.


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