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Posted by on September 7, 2018


Carpet cleaning is referred to as the process of cleaning different types of carpets which are dirty in order to remove any kind of dirt and stains that it may have collected. There are several methods used to clean carpets so one is only required to choose one that is suitable for them and also one that will fit their budget. It is important to make sure that the carpets are clean at all times since clean carpets are considered to last longer as well as being pleasing visually. It is also healthy to keep a carpet clean since one may get sick from dirt and dust that may have accumulated in the carpet. Maintaining a carpet is therefore very important so one should make sure that they clean them regularly for the good of everyone.


One of the types of carpet cleaning woodbridge va is hot water extraction whereby hot water mixed with some chemicals which help in removing of stains and dirt from the carpet. The water is then vacuumed up the carpet which helps in dissolving the dirt which then comes off easily. Hot water extraction is considered to be the most effective carpet cleaning method since it eliminates all the dirt and leaves the carpet sparklessly clean.


The hot water extraction method of cleaning is the most effective carpet cleaning method since it uses electricity which is very efficient and easy to use. There is also a dry cleaning method which relies on machines which are specialized. The machines usually have systems that utilize low moisture and are considered to utilize low labor and cleaning is done more quickly than when using other carpet cleaning methods. Get more facts about cleaning at


When the carpets have areas that have stubborn stains, the cleaner has to ensure that the pretreatments and preconditioners are sprayed on the soiled areas before the actual cleaning time for cleaning to be made easy. The stubborn stains come off easily once the treatments are sprayed early enough hence the need to make sure that one sorts the stained carpets and use the chemicals to ensure efficient cleaning. The pretreatments also work best since they the carpets come out thoroughly clean. Dry carpet cleaning is preferred over the wet solutions since the dry method does not attract any kind of dirt.  This method is the most preferred even though it is more expensive and more about time consuming because of its efficiency. One is therefore required to choose the most efficient carpet cleaning method depending on the carpets being cleaned and also whether the stains are too stubborn or easy to clean.


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