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Posted by on August 6, 2018


A lot of people are concern what is going on in the government because whatever is happening inside the government would probably affect the society and we the people are the society. It is also the right of the people in the society to know whatever is going on because we have the right to know since we the people are the ones who are paying taxes and that makes us their boss. Having a public records allow the people to keep an eye and get an update on the government. This is the beauty of having a democratic country.


If people are keeping an eye on the government then people can make sure the functions of judicial system are doing their work properly and people can learn more about the actions being taken by the non-elected and elected officials. The GoLookUp Public Records Site gives information to the people, anything that happens in the government is pretty much available in the public and this includes some information about a specific person, for example is their property taxes, criminal records whether they have gone to jail or not and also their licensing information.


The information that is given includes the actions and policies of the government, example for this is the exchanging of emails between department employees and the records that are kept by agencies. Watch this video about public records.


The records are made public because the government is accountable to the people in the society and being accountable means that the government has the responsibility to explain to the citizens on how the law works and how they are treated under it. GoLookUp  Public records site also made possible that people knows where their money are being spent on because they also show the records of the expenses made by the government using the tax of the citizens.


Having a public records site is not new and should be done by any democratic state. The society must make and store public records for thousands of years. If reading this made you curious about the government of your state then go now and find the website of your place so you will have an idea of what is going on with your state. Being curious is not a bad thing because it only shows your care and concern to your society and this right was given to you when you start paying taxes so you have every right to know anything you want to know because you are part of the society.



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