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Posted by on January 7, 2019


The word of God is God himself. Getting daily bible verses means having time with your God. Whenever you are reading the bible, you should always ask God to guide you through and make you understand his word.

For people who find it difficult reading the bible, you can source daily bible verses from reliable source hence you will still get the same message. Some of the best online platforms such as My Bible Verse of The Day are reliable for such verses. Below are benefits of reading the word the bible.

If you want to awaken and strengthen your faith, you are encouraged to read the bible. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. The spirit of the lord helps us to awaken our faith; this is only possible if you get various bible verses which build our faith. Everyone needs faith to accomplish their plans in life. Faith is trusting in what you cannot see. There are various bible verses which are meant to help people in their lives. The only way one can believe in these words of God is by having faith that they will come to pass.  Here is  more  info about bible verses.

The word of God gives us hope. There are scriptures in the bible which are meant to make us endure the many problems which human beings face every day. The old testaments are full of scriptures which are meant to strengthen us and give us hope. The scripture is always there to encourage us as we endure these problems which mean we will become victorious at the end. Hopeful generation is full of energy in doing God’s work and therefore ripe big after the work.  Read more about  verse of the day here.

The word of God came to give us life and sustain life. We are born again through the word of God, and we are not perishable. Jesus came to give his life for our sake. The Bible gives us firm and long lasting life contrary to the life we get from the bread which can end at any time. Therefore, reading bible verse will help you get God’s life which will draw us closer to him rather than the material things which always draw our attention from God.

Through the Bible, we will know the truth, and the truth will set us free. This means that the word of God leads us to freedom. The bible verse helps us to live a sin free life. Learn more here :


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