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Posted by on November 17, 2018

There are many kinds of small pets that we can own. Guinea pigs and hamsters are some of the more popular ones. And these pets are very cute. You can buy pet supplies for these small animals which are very affordable. If you have pet allergies, it is alright to have a hamster or a guinea pig. Although these pets have simple basic needs, most pet owners love to pamper them and give them plenty of accessories to use or to play with. There are more info you can get about chinchilla food.

Small animals are best put in cages. Since guinea pigs love to chew, then you should give them a cage that they cannot chew through. They can easily gnaw down plastic so that best cages for them should be made of wire. You can also put your hamster in a glass tank or a plastic cage you can find in your local pet store. And you need to find a suitable substrate for the flooring. The most popular is wood chips since the animals can gnaw on them and they will not get hurt if they are able to eat them. Cedar is available in most pet stores but the best ones recommended by veterinarians is pine shaving. Cedar is said to be toxic. All of your questions about rabbit food will be answered when you click the link.

Another thing you can get for your hamster is an exercise wheel. This is not for your guinea pigs. Exercise for a guinea pig is playing in an open area. You can give your hamsters tubes and places to hide. So, make sure that the house of the hamster can fit the tubes. Both hamsters and guinea pigs eat grains and fresh food. You can provide water for them through water bottles attached to their cage.

When the basic things are in place, you can but any extra pet supply that you want. You can buy food treats and wood chew for them to gnaw on. You can buy cuddle beds, domed houses, straw food cluster bites, and leashes and harnesses. There are many exercise toys for hamsters. You can find exercise balls, enclosed wheels , play tunnels and cubes and toys for climbing. Learn more details about pet supplies at

When your pet supplies is chewed on or eaten by your pet, then you will need to replace them. Make sure that everything you give your pet is safe to eat. these small animals are used to gnawing and chewing on anything in their cage. Small animals are not like your pet dog and cat, but just the same, they can give you love and enjoyment as the larger pets can.


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