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Posted by on February 15, 2019

It is possible that you have heard about the never-ending debate on whether to bring to an end daylight savings time. There is an increase in the number of people who support the petition to end daylight savings time, with research indicating that more than 74% of Americans would support the move to end DST. Even though some benefits come with DST, the disadvantages of daylight savings time outweigh the benefits, the primary reason why most individuals want an end to DST. Here are several reasons why we think that there is a need to end daylight savings time. This website has more info about the use of daylight saving time.

Daylight savings time has left many individuals sick in different ways. When one has to change the time on the clock by even a single hour, this will also disrupt how the body functions. The disruption will lead to tiredness as well as inconvenience. It is not only the tiredness that should make you consider signing the petition to end daylight savings. Changing the time will have some serious consequences for some individuals. The lack of sufficient sleep at the start of DST is associated with a high number of auto accidents that occur. Workplace injuries are also set to increase during this period. Cases of suicide, as well as miscarriages, are some of the severe effects of daylight savings time. During the period when DST starts, the risk of heart attacks increase and at the end of DST, the early evening darkness has been associated with depression. Click here to read more about the need to do away with DST.

The primary reason why DST was established more than a century ago is to help save energy. The reduced use of artificial light in the days would help save energy. However, it is not the same case in modern times. More energy is being used to run appliances such as computers, TV screens, and even the HVAC systems, than what is saved by reducing the use of artificial light. The amount of energy that is saved in modern times through DST is negligible, and in some cases, when DST is introduced, it leads to increased use of energy.

Daylight savings time will also hurt the economy and lead to loss of money. Even though it is hard to determine the exact economic cost of DST, research has indicated that the collective tiredness that comes with DST is likely to lead to a reduced level of productivity. Learn more here about plans to abolish DST:


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