This product is advertised often (possibly by mistake) as manufactured by Bauer nutrition, but that is not available in the official website of the brand.

PhenQ could not be part of any line of supplements, which explains why you can’t find in any other place that in their official website.

However, its official website does a great job with your presentation. The potential clients all the details they need to make an informed decision.

And the first piece of valuable information that calls the attention of the visitor regarding the origin of the product.

Due to that the company itself is based in the United Kingdom, PhenQ is manufactured in the United Kingdom and the united States. And the company claims that the supplement is produced in facilities approved by the FDA (of course, this only applies to places in the united States), and through the use of ingredients of pharmaceutical quality.

And these ingredients should be able to generate some very impressive results. PhenQ is supposed to speed up the metabolism, while at the same time reduces the body’s ability to produce fat.

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This means that while the fat already existing burns at a much faster pace, the users will find it more difficult to put on weight, even if you tend to eat in excess.

But eating in excess as should not be a problem during the use of this supplement, since it should also reduce the appetite.

This should keep the number of calories ingested to a minimum, and make it much easier to follow a diet of loss of weight.

Even the most popular supplements effective work better along diet and exercise, and PhenQ should be very helpful for those who choose to follow a weight loss program full.

The combination of diet, exercise and supplements natural weight loss is always the best option and produces results that are both satisfactory and durable.

But given that PhenQ is claimed as able to affect the eating habits in your entire account, this supplement should work well, even for those who have no interest in changing their diets.

And due to the product increases metabolism, users should notice an increase in energy level. As the body burns more fat and produces more fuel, the user must be easier to exercise or perform different physical activities.

And this increase of energy must also be taken into account at the mental level. The physical activity itself increases the mood, but it seems that some of the ingredients in PhenQ have a direct impact on the mental functions.

Some of them are also included in the stimulants of the brain, so PhenQ has the potential to generate more benefits than the users might expect.

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