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Posted by on January 19, 2019

As a person talks with an acquaintance who mentions needing to schedule sprinkler repair in Phoenix for a residential property’s irrigation system, the person may start to wonder whether an irrigation system might be the answer for watering a big vegetable garden. The systems have become common for keeping residential lawns green and lush, allowing homeowners to turn the task of watering over to the equipment.

Automatic Sprinklers in the Garden

These automatic sprinklers work well for watering gardens as well as grass. With sprinkler head installation, the entire garden can be watered evenly without having to keep moving a hose or a lawn sprinkler around. Some gardeners build long, relatively narrow gardens and use furrow watering to reduce the need to move the watering device. Water gradually moves down the indentation. However, this method leads to the plants at the beginning of the furrow receiving more water than the others. It also still requires someone to move the hose from trench to trench.

Sprinkler Head Height

Sprinkler heads can be set to spray at low heights, which is helpful in vegetable gardens. Spraying the top of thin blades of grass doesn’t cause problems, but spraying the top of broader-leaf garden plants can cause water to linger longer than should be the case. With occasional rain, this is not an issue, but it can be problematic with daily watering. As the sun shines on the leaves, it can actually cause some damage to the plant.

In addition, vegetable plants grow at different heights as compared with grass. Water spray may not effectively reach the shorter plants if it is blocked by tall ones. The tomatoes and green beans get soaked, but the lettuce wilts.

A Drip System as an Alternative

Another possibility is a drip system for the garden and a spray irrigation system for the lawn. Mulch is placed throughout the plot on top of drip tubes installed on the soil’s surface. An extra advantage of this technique is that weed seeds have difficulty growing under mulch even though they receive sufficient water.

Also, because normally there is so much bare ground in a vegetable garden, sprinkler water can have a tendency to run off into the grass. On the lawn, sprinkler-provided water clings to the grass and then soaks into the ground. Installation of a residential sprinkler or drip system can be installed by companies like Phoenix Irrigation Services, which also perform repair and maintenance service.

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