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Posted by on September 15, 2019


Every year thousands of liposuctions are performed in India, according to the recent study, being the second most practiced intervention after breast augmentation, which ranks first in the ranking.

Liposuction in Delhi is the most popular aesthetic technique to eliminate accumulated fat but at the same time it is a great unknown for patients who want to undergo it. This intervention is designed to model the body shape and effectively eliminate fat clusters that do not respond to physical exercise. However, we must bear in mind that it is not an effective cosmetic surgery to lose weight.

By typologies, abdominal liposuction in Rohini is the most frequent , with one fifth (20.3%) of those performed in our country, followed by flank liposuction (14.8%), thighs (11.6%), trochanter (prominences in the head of the femur, with 11.2%) and the rest (knees, circumferential, thoracic, legs, cervical, etc.), with percentages below 10%.

After going through this surgical operation, the results are multiple and vary according to each patient. For this reason, we have prepared a list of the results obtained after a liposuction.

  • Effectiveness of the operation.

Although fat adipocytes are removed definitively and immediately after the intervention, short-term results may seem minimal. This is because, after surgery, the skin has temporary inflammation and a few months of recovery must pass to see the final results, explains cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi.

85 percent of the results are seen 3 months after passing through the operating room and 100 percent of the final results can be observed between 6 and 12 months later, as several studies show.

In order to guarantee the success of the surgery and prevent the skin from becoming sagging, post-operative care should be taken, which, in most cases, includes a specific pressure therapy girdle or garment and the activation of the lymphatic circulation, through a manual massage or drainage. These cares will contribute to a better result, since they will reduce the effects of inflammation and scars after the intervention, explains cosmetic surgeon in Rohini.

  • Fat extracted.

In no case should more than 6 liters of fat be extracted, an indication that the patient is overweight, which is why this intervention is not the one indicated, since it manages to extract persistent fat deposits, but it should not be expected that significantly alter your weight Through liposuction you can download several sizes and define the physical contours to achieve a more stylized look.

  • Leftover skin.

According to plastic Surgeon in Delhi, to obtain an optimal result of the desired final contour, it is important that the skin is firm and elastic, since otherwise it cannot be redistributed on the new body dimensions. If the area to be treated has stretch marks or scars, liposuction should be completed with other techniques to reposition the excess skin after surgery.

  • Cellulite or ‘orange peel’.

This cosmetic Surgery in Delhi can significantly improve the areas affected by cellulite or ‘orange peel’. For these cases, the most indicated liposuction is the Lipolaser. This intervention reaffirms and decreases the ‘orange peel’, thanks to the laser applied.

  • Durability of the results.

The removal of fat adipocytes is definitive, so that fat does not reappear in the treated areas. However, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise to avoid generating fat adipocytes in the areas not operated.

  • Areas with better results.

The areas where the best results are obtained the abdomen, flanks , holsters , thighs, knees and sub-buttocks are the areas in which liposuction obtains a better result, since there is hardly any risk of hanging skin.

However, the area of the arms and the inner side of the thighs are more complicated because it is a skin that has a tendency to sag and should be completed with other techniques.

The area that should never perform an intervention is the buttocks, since the glute cushion is lost when performed, says cosmetic surgeon in Pitampura.