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Posted by on September 19, 2019


Gynecomastia is the medical term to call breasts “abnormally” developed in man. In most cases this problem has no known cause and usually occurs in children and adolescents. Now, it can also be caused by the use of some medications in older adults and also, although less frequently, by some medical problems.

Men with large breasts look very bad and feel undermined in their masculinity. This deformity caused by excess gland and fat alters the self-esteem, shame and decreases the self-confidence of the sufferer, drastically influencing their interpersonal relationships and the way they develop socially. Enlarged breasts occur in both teenagers and adults.

Gynecomastia carriers are restricting their normal life, many times it is a secret that they do not dare to talk even with their friends: they begin to get upset before their partner, then stop going to the beach, do not wear t-shirts and limit themselves in clothing. It is very common for students to hide and seek arguments for not doing physical education, avoid the pool and do not undress in a dressing room, for fear of being seen. It can be a complex that causes a severe alteration of self-esteem.

“Gynecomastia” is the medical term used to call excessively developed male breasts. Most often this condition has no known cause and occurs frequently in adolescents and in men over 30 years, particularly if they are somewhat overweight. The increase in the volume of the male mammary gland may be associated with the use of some medications or medical problems (obesity and some hormonal disorders). It can occur in one or both breasts, causing physical and psychological discomfort to those who suffer. It can cause pain and is usually asymmetric.

Pseudo-gynecomastia is the term that is applied when breast growth is mainly due to fat, and not breast tissue.


Gynecomastia is resolved by a “Mammary Adenectomy”, i.e. surgical resection of the gland. It can be performed in patients of any age, usually with mild general anesthesia. The procedure of male breast reduction in Delhi takes about an hour and begins by making an incision through which glandular tissue and fat are removed. Due to these small incisions, fat can be aspirated, thus achieving a better contour and shape, avoiding depressions and unevenness that normally exist and an aesthetically unsatisfactory result. This is no longer part of the male breast reduction in Rohini, but of the excess fat that they frequently present.

Patients are hospitalized for hours or one night to manage their postoperative discomfort. Sometimes it is necessary to use a small drain to evacuate fluids, which is removed in the following days.


The discomforts are moderate and are treated with oral analgesics, they occur within the first 24 hours.


  • Avoid taking aspirin one week before or after the operation.
  • Do not forget that all people have differences in size or appearance between both breasts.
  • Avoid the sun over the incisions using appropriate clothing or sunscreens, for at least 2 months after surgery. This will prevent the scars from pigmenting.
  • Discuss all your doubts and fears with your plastic surgeon in Delhi before having surgery. Do not hesitate to ask.


  • In these types of procedures, the risks and complications common to all plastic surgery in Delhi are exposed
  • Hypertrophic scars or keloids.
  • Sinking and uneven pectoral area adjacent to the gland.
  • Asymmetry of both breasts (asymmetry is something that many people have and lack importance).