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Posted by on November 22, 2019

Mastopexy, also known as Breast Lift surgery in Delhi is responsible for the “lifting” of breasts with ptosis (fall). This procedure may or may not be associated with the use of a silicone prosthesis.


There are several reasons why breasts become flabby. The aging process is the main one, causing the breast, over the years, to undergo structural changes, such as a decrease in its consistency and density, and a considerable increase in sagging in the region. In addition, weight gain, pregnancies and genetic tendency also help to accelerate the aging process and may be factors that motivate breast ptosis.

Breast Implant 8

The surgery

As with breast lift surgery in Delhi, Mastopexy can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation, epidural or general, depending on the choice of plastic surgeon in Delhi with the patient. The surgical procedure is performed in a hospital environment with all the infrastructure and safety.
The skin incision is usually made around the areola and on the vertical and horizontal breast vectors. After the excess skin is removed, the breast tissues are repositioned for suturing. In certain cases, when the natural breast does not have enough tissue to be reconstructed harmonically, we indicate the association of augmentation mammoplasty with the placement of the silicone prosthesis. Everything is discussed and clarified with the patient before plastic surgery in Delhi.

At the end of the surgery, special dressings are made to stabilize the breasts during the first postoperative week. All patients should come out of a mammoplasty – be it a reduction, mastopexy or augmentation – with a special post-surgical bra.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my new breasts look like in size and consistency?

Mastopexy is a surgery aimed at treating excess breast skin and elevating the positioning of the areolomamilar complex. Regarding the volume this surgery allows you to increase it, decrease it or even maintain the current volume. Currently, the placement of silicone implants has been associated with this plastic surgery in Delhi, not only in order to increase breast volume, but as an aid in breast shape and consistency. It all depends on the medical evaluation and the conversation with your plastic surgeon in Delhi.

  • Is the postoperative period of this surgery painful?

The postoperative will basically depend on two factors:

1) The surgical technique, that is, surgeries that require muscle mobilization cause more sensitivity than those that do not use this method;

2) The phenomenon of pain, so named because each person has a degree of sensitivity to pain.

Either way, there are a variety of resources to alleviate or even eliminate pain and discomfort. Following medical guidelines is critical to a successful outcome.

  • Can mastopexy also be done in young people?

Yes! Contrary to what many people imagine, “sagging” breasts can also affect young patients from the age of 18. There are situations in which there is impairment of the elastic breast support system, such as marked weight loss, excessive weight gain, long-term use of corticosteroids, and hereditary characteristics.