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Posted by on October 12, 2019


The formula to stop time has not yet been discovered, but we have managed to reduce its effects on our body. We can heed various tips for wrinkles, but to end the problem directly the most effective is the facelift.

What is a face lift? This is the surgical technique that manages to rejuvenate the face, one of the parts of our anatomy that suffers more precisely over the years. Depending on the area of our face (including the neck) that we want to reaffirm one or another kind of intervention will be more appropriate, explains plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Here we explain what are the three types of lifting that you have at your disposal. Which one do you need?


How many lifting classes are there? We start with the front facelift, for the upper part of the face

The frontal facelift is the intervention that acts on the upper part of the face: it produces a stretch of the skin of the forehead, eliminating wrinkles, including those between the eyebrows. With this technique it is also possible to correct the fall of the eyebrows, which often push the upper eyelid and strip it firmly. To perform this facelift, the most common is to make several incisions by cosmetic surgeon in Delhi whose mark is not seen, since they are made at the birth of the hair and are hidden by it.


What types of face lift act on the ‘crow’s feet? Temporary lifting

Of the three types of lifting that exist, the temporary one is the one that acts more specifically in the lateral areas of the forehead and, therefore, minimizes the ‘crow’s feet’. In practice, a stretch is made of the lateral areas of the forehead, raising the eyebrow’s tail and allowing the eyelash to shine again in all its splendor. To achieve this, the mark of the temporary facelift is as discreet as in the frontal facelift, since the incision is made at the birth of the hair, although this time in the area of ​​the ears.


More facial lifting classes: cervical facelift, for the lower part of the face

With the cervical facelift, the areas to be remodeled are the neck and two thirds of the face : the lower and middle, to the temple (although there is an exclusive treatment for peribuccal wrinkles, the Dermofine). The technique is again the stretching of the skin, which causes the neck to rise. This intervention corrects the laxity of the skin in this area, in addition to performing a small liposuction to eliminate fat. The incisions occur behind the ears, so the marks are not visible to the naked eye.

With regard to plastic surgery in Delhi, these three types of lifting are performed under local anesthesia and sedation, and require hospitalization the first night. Consult plastic surgeon in Pitampura directly to know more details about the preoperative, postoperative and other considerations depending on each type of face. We solve your doubts!