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Posted by on February 5, 2020


Natural breast augmentation in Delhi is a trend. Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery in Delhi has been practiced for many years, it has become commonplace. It’s common to have a neighbor, friend or family member who has gone through the operating room to improve her bust. But, while fashion has long been marked by a desire to show off a large and exuberant breast, nowadays aesthetic trends have changed quite a bit, and in conjunction with the evolution of surgical technique, now the aspiration of most women who operate is that they do not seem to have surgery; that is, the covetable thing is to have a perfect but natural breast, increasing its size in a balanced way and aiming perhaps more to improvements in form and harmony than in volume.

Breast surgery isn’t just for breast enlargement in Delhi for women with a small breast size. It is also an operation that can help both physically and psychologically if you have any congenital malformation or even problems arising from having an excessively large chest, such as lumbar lordosis, in which case the indicated intervention would be a breast reduction. It is also an option for those women who simply want to improve their figure, giving them a more proportionate shape or raising them.

Due to these factors, among others, it is also increasingly common to choose anatomical prostheses, rather than round ones, also known as “pear-shaped” or “water drop” breast implant in Delhi. They are prostheses that infinitely better simulate the shape of a natural breast, and that began to be used in the reconstructions of mastectomized women who had preserved one of their breasts.

Natural breast augmentation procedure

The first step for a natural chest operation will be to make an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon in Delhi so that the specialist evaluates the size and shape of your chest, your overall health, the firmness of your skin, and do an examination of the condition of your breasts. In this appointment you will need to explain in detail your expectations and be prepared to listen and assume the risks and limitations that may exist, explains the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

As for surgery, it is usually performed under general anesthesia and is performed by making a small incision in a specific place so that the remaining scar is as visible as possible. The approach can be by the submammary groove, axillary or perioareolar. Depending on the plane chosen to place the prosthesis, which will be medical cohesive gel or borosilicate microspheres, the cosmetic surgeon in Delhi will locate the pocket to insert the implant. The tissues are sutured by planes and sometimes it will be advisable to leave some aspirative drains about 24 hours after the intervention.

The operation lasts approximately two hours, depending on the type of surgery it is, as it can be enlargement, breast reduction, lifting, breast reconstruction… The results are immediate and final within 3 or 4 months of the operation.

Breast augmentation and recovery after surgery

Post-operative breast augmentation is one of the biggest concerns for all patients. The plastic surgeon in Delhi will need to assess whether or not the patient spends the night in the hospital, depending on their circumstances, the plane on which the prosthesis has been placed (which may give more or less discomfort), the depth of the anesthesia and other factors.

After the operation, the patient may feel discomfort from the stitches and a feeling of tightness, but they will only last a few days. Following the instructions of plastic surgeon in Delhi, recovery is usually rapid and almost painless; and the results can be seen immediately. It is a surgery with a very high degree of satisfaction among women who decide to have it.