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Posted by on March 26, 2020

Plastic surgery in Delhi includes all the procedures that involve the reconstruction or modification of the appearance or shape of a certain part of the body.

The most requested operations aimed at sculpting, modeling or reconstructing an area of ​​the human body are silicone implantsrhinoplastyblepharoplastyliposuctionfacial liftbreast lift, and botox injections.

The main surgical techniques used can be grouped into two broad categories, depending on the purpose pursued:

  • plastic surgery;
  • reconstructive operations.

What is a cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery in Delhi is a branch of surgery and is aimed at both women and men. Most of the time, the goal of beauty is fulfilled by the cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, the patient finally having a state of well-being, fortunately, marked by increased self-esteem.

Once the physical appearance is improved, the patient will see with other eyes and regain their self- confidence. In other words, if this surgical correction is well indicated, practiced and followed, those who benefit from it will have great satisfaction or even feel completely transformed physically.

What is reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is more complicated and, at the same time, can be a challenge for the plastic surgeon in Delhi, because, with his help, the surgeon will try to rebuild a damaged or absent body part or function.

The techniques used have different degrees of complexity and try to reconstruct the natural.


The advantages of the two techniques

The advantages of the two techniques will be communicated to the patient by the plastic surgeon in Pitampura who will perform the intervention.

Also, the disadvantages will be exposed from the beginning to the future patient.

It should be kept in mind that the advantages of both techniques and the success of the result will depend on the correctness of the technique used, the experience of the cosmetic surgeon in Pitampura, the quality of the materials used, as well as the individual particularities of the patient.

The main advantages of plastic surgery

  • The aesthetic scars caused by injuries or burns to the face or part of the body are eliminated with the help of reconstructive aesthetic operations.
  • This type of intervention requires the use of skin grafts. It is important to mention that after performing these interventions, the patient will regain his health and confidence in his physical appearance. In addition, he will be able to resume his daily activities before an unpleasant event.
  • Reconstructive surgery can cause a patient to regain the functionality of a hand or leg. For example, a serious accident can end with the amputation of a hand or a leg, which is why the reconstruction operation will restore the functionality of the individual concerned.

The main risks of plastic surgery

  • There are risks regardless of the operating plastic surgeon in Delhi and his experience. The main risks are related to anesthesia, but also to the body’s reaction to the operative act. Thus, even if before the operation the patient undergoes pre-anesthetic analyzes and tests, the risks will be considerably reduced, but they will not be completely eliminated.
  • The main complications are excessive bleeding, infections that may occur, adverse reactions to anesthetic of respiratory, cardiovascular or metabolic nature.
  • The cost of these interventions is quite high and the Health Insurance does not settle them.