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Posted by on September 9, 2021

You have surely heard of PRP For Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi as one of the rejuvenating treatments with the best results. Platelet Rich Plasma is used for hair regeneration, and according to the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi, it is the treatment of the moment to stop hair loss, add more volume, strengthen it and improve its quality. We tell you what this technique consists of and how it can help your hair.

We are concerned about everything related to hair: it’s fall, weakening, its thickness loss, lack of volume, in addition to the frizz, the split ends or Gray. So, any treatment that helps us improve it interests us. And the last one is Platelet Rich Plasma, also known by its initials PRP. The Plastic Surgeon in Ashok Vihar explains that “it is one of the most widely used medical-aesthetic treatments as a complement to hair transplantation. conventional.” The PRP Treatment For Hair Loss in Delhi, manages to rehabilitate follicles that are in the aging phase, allowing them to produce hair with greater quality and resistance.


According to Plastic Surgeon in Paschim Vihar, “it is a simple procedure, which does not cause allergies, and which provides a significant improvement in the function of the hair follicle”. The procedure, without side effects and with an approximate duration of half an hour, consists of obtaining a blood sample from the patient, preparing it to have the plasma fraction (and in it, platelets and growth factors) and reinjecting it in the form of Superficial microinjections (mesotherapy) in the dermis of the scalp to reach the roots of the hair.

According to the Plastic Surgeon in Paschim Vihar, “platelets contain abundant growth factors, substances that help regenerate hair follicles in the infiltrated area, bringing more nutrients and increasing cell proliferation.”

Injections are made with a very small gauge syringe and needle, which is why they are practically painless.


The Plastic Surgeon in Shalimar Bagh, experts in hair surgery, tells us that the main benefits of the Plasma Rich in Platelets “are bring you to the nutrients hair growth factors and stem cells (obtained from the own blood of the patient), strengthening it, and making it brighter and healthier “. The Plastic Surgeon in Shalimar Bagh points out that “we always recommend it after hair surgery, to strengthen the follicles, but there are also patients who come to apply it just to strengthen and improve the quality of their hair.” In addition, according to the expert, it is also a recommended treatment “for weakened hair, in a period of active loss or that have lost their thickness”.

The Plastic Surgeon in Shalimar Bagh affirms that “the PRP For Hair in Delhi is one of the ones that provides greater volume to the hair. It is indicated for any type of alopecia, but it is particularly effective for female alopecia, the areata, as well as for post-chemotherapy alopecia “.

Platelet Rich Plasma helps to strengthen hair, giving it more volume and slowing its fall.


First, an individual assessment must be made to determine in each case the number of recommended sessions, which are usually 3-4, with a separation between them of 4-6 weeks. The benefits are not immediate, according to the Plastic Surgeon in Ashok Vihar “they begin to be noticed 15 days after the last session”.

Plastic Surgeon in Punjabi Bagh explains that “the hair follicles absorb nutrients and other components as they are needed, so their effect is prolonged, and can last up to a year later. It would be convenient to apply a reminder every year, in times of fall or if the patient suffers from other problems that can cause weakness, such as a stressful situation “.


You will be able to live a normal life immediately after the PRP For Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi, but Plastic Surgeon in Delhi advises “do not exercise, do not go to swimming pools or saunas and do not wash your head in 24 hours”. Due to the infiltration, according to Plastic Surgeon in Delhi “the area can become a little red and slightly increase the volume of the scalp, which is usually resolved in about 20-30 minutes after mesotherapy.”