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Liposuction in Delhi

Liposuction in Delhi

Oct. 3, 2019 by

What is liposuction? Liposuction in Delhi is a highly demanded and frequent intervention in our country. It is based on the treatment of localized fat accumulations and not provided with the rest of our body, which are usually persistent despite exercise

Liposuction, what should I expect?

Liposuction, what should I expect?

Sep. 15, 2019 by

Every year thousands of liposuctions are performed in India, according to the recent study, being the second most practiced intervention after breast augmentation, which ranks first in the ranking. Liposuction in Delhi is the most popular aesthetic technique to eliminate accumulated

Abdominoplasty: Discover it

Mar. 19, 2019 by

Having a flat stomach is a challenge that even the thinnest people face. Making the abdomen area appear flat, firm and toned is not always easy, no matter how much you exercise and diet. In these cases, plastic surgery in Delhi manages to correct these problems,

Male aesthetic surgery: what men want to improve their physique

Feb. 27, 2019 by

Beauty is no longer the exclusive province of women. More and more men are concerned about their physical appearance and those who end up trusting in the hands of a plastic surgeon in Delhi. The goal pursued by male aesthetic surgery is that