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Posted by on July 6, 2018

Getting a swimming pool ready for use after the long winter is a bit more complicated than taking off the cover and turning on the filtering system. The pool has been undisturbed for months and requires attention to ensure it is clean, safe, and healthy. If a professional was hired to close the pool last year, this process will be inexpensive and completed efficiently. If not, there may be issues to deal with before diving into the water.


Under ideal circumstances, opening a pool is a routine job for professionals. Once the cover comes off, all the components of the pool are inspected and cleaned. Pumps, filters, and a heating system if applicable are checked for any cracks, loose connections, or damage. A thorough pool vacuuming is done to get any mold or bacteria off the floor and walls of the interior.


The next step is pool chemical balancing. This is important because the wrong combination or amount of chemicals will compromise health and damage systems. Too much of one chemical, for example, can lead to skin rashes, eye irritation, and respiratory issues. Not enough will result in the fast accumulation of algae, bacteria, and mold making the pool dirty and slippery. Starting off the season in balance means it will be easier to maintain the right balance throughout the summer with periodic testing.

Chemicals will also affect the mechanisms that keep the water pumping and filtering. In high levels, corrosive properties can breakdown hoses, connections, and the lining of the pool. Prolonged chemical imbalance will lead to increased repairs and premature replacement. Protect the investment by having the pool opened by an experienced Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service. The cost is nominal and will save pool owners money during the season.


Certified professionals are trained to notice safety hazards that owners may miss. A crack in the ladder, a sharp edge at the end of the slide, or a loose panel at the ledge are some examples. These issues will take little time and money to correct but will result in large losses in the event of an accident or injury. Medical expenses, liability risks, and increases in insurance premiums will rise when a friend or neighbor suffers an injury and decides to sue you.

Avoid These Issues

The whole point of investing in a pool is to relax, cool off, and add more enjoyment to the summer. Daily pool maintenance can be done by owners, but hiring professionals means a clean and safe pool without much effort, so owners can spend more time in the pool instead of tending to it. Go to to schedule a time to open the pool and maintain it all summer long.

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