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Posted by on April 18, 2019

In your quest to provide protection against Electromagnetic Pulse, EMP, several solutions have been put forward. Typically, an EMP is meant to protect any electronic device from the EMP effects. The most popular products that have been considered for EMP protection are the Faraday bags and the Faraday Cage. The two products are known to have a similar feature when it comes to Electromagnetic Pulse protect. However, in terms of preeminence, Faraday bags tend to be more effective than the Faraday cage. The superiority and effectiveness of the two products are usually associated with the price and the variations in terms of quality. This article gives a brief discussion on some of the differences which makes Faraday bags more effective than Faraday cages.  Click here to learn more :

A Faraday cage is a special structure that has a mesh covering meant to block any electromagnetic field. In this case, an attack by an EMP will also be protected. The electronic devices that need to be protected from the EMP attack will be put inside the cage. If you want to protect a bigger item, let say a house, you may consider building the entire house in a Faraday cage. This may be an option especially for the government when there is a need to protect data centers or particular buildings. The Faraday cage is, however, costly on purchase. More to that, bulkiness makes it more expensive when there is a need to transport from one point to another where it is needed. The quality with a Faraday cage will also depend on where you purchase it. You may come across dealers who will sell you a Faraday cage that will fail to work when you need it the most. You may end up being struck by EMP if you get a low-quality Faraday cage.  You can  compare here  for more information.

On the other side, there are the Faraday bags. The Faraday bags are usually made using the same thinking as the Faraday Cage. The Faraday Bags are, however, a bit more advanced. Several techniques are used to make the Faraday bag that improves its ability to block signals from EMP. An excellent example of such could be the Dual Paired Seam construction which is utilized as a closing method. With such advanced sealing methods, the devices put in the bags are safe from external signals. The bag can also block a wide range of signals ranging from Bluetooth, satellite, Wi-Fi and so on. More to that, they are inexpensive when compared to Faraday Cage.  Read more here :


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