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Posted by on January 8, 2019

Usually, one of the consideration when designing regulated battery circuits and power supplies if the risk of overcurrent conditions or short circuits. Such situations would actually damage other components. A simple economic solution would be the use of current sense resistors. These types of power resistors help in monitoring the current in the circuit. They also help in translating current into voltage which would be easier to measure and monitor.

Basically, many electronics applications use low power resistors like the current sense resistors which have low resistance value. However, there are other applications that demand high power resistors such as power supplies, power conversion, heaters, amplifiers, and dynamic brakes. Basically, how much power the resistor would safely handle is usually defined by the power rating. Power resistors will, however, be designed such that they can withstand as well as dissipate a certain amount of power. There are a lot of great power resistors company options you can go with today.

Usually, the power dissipated by a power resistor will be converted into heat which, in turn, raises the temperature of the power resistor. However, the temperature of the power resistor will continue to go up to a point where the heat is dispelled through the circuit board and air. The surrounding environment will then balance the generated heat. Usually, ensuring the power resistor’s temperature are low prevents damage to the resistor. As a result, the power resistor can withstand greater current without damage.

However, if power resistors are operated above their power rating and temperature, severe consequences will follow. For instance, there could be a shift in the resistance value and the operating lifetime would reduce. There is also the risk of open circuit and so high temperature may cause the resistor to catch on fire.

However, power resistors are often larger compared to their lower counterparts. Therefore, the large size helps in dissipating heat. They are also used as mounting options for heatsinks. However, a high power resistor is usually used for flame retardant packages in order to minimize the risk of hazardous failure. Do check out current shunt resistor company info out now.

Usually, the high power resistors will provide different capabilities for various applications. One of the common high power resistors is the wirewound resistors which also come in various forms. In case of high pulsed power applications, non-inductive wirewound resistors would be appropriate. Nevertheless, power resistors will come in different shapes, capacities, sizes, and type just like most electronic components. They will also differ in tolerances, temperature coefficient, resistor noise, wattage rating, and voltage coefficient among others. Because of this, they are ideal for different applications.


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