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Posted by on August 24, 2018

A prepper gear is a set of items that are set aside for use during emergency situations and natural calamities or disasters. A prepper gear ensures that life is preserved and health maintained during emergencies. Priorities are different but most importantly a Canadian prepper should before prepping for anything have a survival gear store consisting of equipment for protection, water, food, and equipment for safety and personal hygiene. There are factors that you should consider before choosing a prepper and include;

Is the Item Really Necessary
Before selecting a prepper gear, you should evaluate if it’s essential to have it at the time. As mentioned earlier a prepper gear is used in emergencies and therefore before spending money on it assessing the likelihood of that emergency happening, for instance, a Canadian prepper should be more prepared for hurricane other than invests in a bug out bag.

The Quality of the prepper gear
When shopping for a prepper gear, consider the quality. Learn to look for info about a specific prepper gear before purchasing it, and you will be surprised to discover more items that are better. There is a common saying, ‘Cheap is expensive,’ and therefore it is wise to invest in a quality prepper gear even though it cost you more money.

Have multiple tools
Look at this case, and a first aid kit is a critical tool in a prepper gear. You need it in your house, car and probably in your bug out bag. It is essential to have therefore 3 first aid kits other than only one that you grab when you want to travel or use it in the house. Make your prepper gear available and easily accessible through having multiple tools for use in various places

Adequate tools in Prepper Gear
A prepper gear is for use in disaster and calamities. Are you able to estimate how long a certain calamity will last? Of course not, therefore for instance when you are preparing for water shortages ensure that your stores can serve you for at least 2 weeks and not 72 hours as recommended by The Department of Homeland Security’s site. Check it out! For more information about prepper gear.

Check for prepper gear reviews and ratings
Before shopping for a prepper gear, a Canadian prepper should consider going online to check if there are any reviews on the product. A right prepper gear will have more than 4.5-star ratings and positive reviews from the customers who have previously used it. A bad prepper gear will have low ratings and negative reviews, and this should be reason enough not to purchase that prepper gear.


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