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Posted by on August 13, 2018

Buying custom printed tablecloths can be a great way for a business or other organization to stand out. Having some printed table covers ready when a conference, trade show, or other special event rolls around makes it easy to establish a presence that will attract notice.

Printed Table Covers come in a variety of different styles, each of which has its own advantages and character. Any of the four most common types can make sense in certain situations, so understanding what each has to offer will always pay off.

Easy to Order and Obtain

The point of all Custom Table Throws is to make an organization’s branding visible to everyone passing by. While other customized, branded assets will normally be able to make contributions of their own, Table Covers should never be neglected.

Ordering Table Throws that are printed with the desired branding will normally be more or less like the analogous process for any other type of customized product. That will mean needing to supply some appropriate graphical assets and to choose an appropriate size of tablecloth in just about every case.

Four Widely Available Types of Customized Tablecloths

One issue that will typically be unique to this type of product, however, is the choice of general style. Customized covers that are ready to fit standard-sized tables are most often offered in some mix of four basic designs:

Loose. The simplest tablecloths are cut such that they simply drape over tables of the stated length. These will normally be the most affordable of all, although the difference in price compared to other options will not necessarily be large. Tablecloths like this are easy to deploy and can be secured, if desired, with clips or other means of attachment. Draping loosely over the entire length of a table also means affording plenty of space for highly visible branding.

Fitted. Another common alternative is a type of tablecloth that is cut to precisely fit the dimensions and angles of standard folding tables. These will require a bit more work to set up but will generally hold themselves in place quite well. At the same time, fitted tablecloths also still provide a large amount of room for customization.

Stretch. Cloths that stretch to fit around tables are also available and frequently attractive. The neat, form-fitting profile that stretchy fabric enables can be especially appealing.

Crossover. Tablecloths that are cut such that each lower edge angles upward as it heads toward the center have a distinctive look of their own.

Choosing an appropriate one or more of these designs should never be especially difficult. In many cases, businesses that buy customized tablecloths of their own end up using them regularly for years.


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