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Posted by on May 21, 2018

Men’s Shaving Tips

Most electric shavers are now rechargeable so they’re great for use on the move. Some can be used both cordless or from the mains – giving you an extra option if you’ve run out of charge.


There are a host of other features to choose from when buying an electric shaver, so as well as deciding if you prefer a foil or rotary model you’ll also need to think about whether you’d like to use it in the shower, if you want a pop-up beard trimmer, or perhaps you might need a shaver that’s kind to sensitive skin.


Our tips below should help you decide which type of shaver will suit your needs. Once you’ve decided what type of shaver is best for you, read our full electric shaver reviews to see which models have made our Which? Best Buy grade – and which you should avoid.


Majority of men like it when they have short hair. This not only does it make them smart but it also makes them look great. To maintain this one needs to shave regularly mostly when one is done taking a shower. There are different types of shavers one can choose from most common being manual or electric. Let’s talk about electric shaver as in how should one chose the best among the many varieties in the market.


The features of an electric shaver will make it more effective and efficient to you. Therefore one should consider buying a shaver that has some of these features. We have to appreciate that these shavers use a battery, therefore one should always ensure that the battery life of the said shaver is ideal. That is it should last at least an hour or so to the minimum, so as to ensure that one you start shaving you do not have to stop to recharge. And that should go automatically with the charging speed. One should ensure that the shaver has a high charging speed.


Electric shaver has its advantages as compared to manual shaver. Just to mention a few is that it is very fast. As in the time that one will spend in shaving is quite reduced as in comparison with the manual one. In the long run, it is cheaper to use an electric shaver. Since this is just a one-time purchase, unlike the manual one you have to keep buying blades.I found a compiled list of tested electric razors at Yosaki’s best electric shavers for men list…..check them out.


How can I make sure I get the best shave?


Pull your skin taught – this will allow the shaver to get up close and personal with your hairs.

Stretch your top lip over your teeth – this gives a close shave under your nose.

Moisturize afterwards – use an after-shaving moisturizer to keep your skin in tip top nick.

Replace shave heads regularly – to maintain a close shave change the heads every 18 months for foils and every two years for rotaries.


What are the pros and cons of electric shaving?


  • Speed In our 2013 consumer survey, 67% of you said that using your electric shaver is quicker than a wet razor
  • Convenience You don’t need water or gel so you don’t need to be in the bathroom (although many can also be used wet if you prefer). Electric shaving is less messy.
  • Holidays You can carry a shaver in your hand luggage and some will stay charged for a fortnight, long enough for a stubble-free holiday or business trip.


  • Electric shavers can be expensive. Although you can pick up an electric shaver for less than £50, a top-end shaver with extra features can cost more than £200. The foils or heads need to be replaced every two years or so, which will typically set you back £15-£40.
  • Not as close as a razor blade. Feedback from Which? members shows that most of you still feel that a wet razor blade gives a closer shave than your electric shaver.



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