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Posted by on June 21, 2018

One look at the news reveals how no one is safe anywhere. There is not even safety in numbers these days as crowds, schools, places of worship, and theaters are attacked on a regular basis. Employees who work alone, in small teams, or even spread out for field service work are at risk for theft, assaults, and other forms of danger. Traditional safety protocols will not be enough to protect employees.

Cell phones, walkie-talkies, and radios all make noise as they as being activated. There is no silent and discreet way to alert others of the danger or request help. This will lead to injury, loss of property or inventory, or death in extreme cases. Liability risks will rise, lawsuits will be plentiful, and insurance premiums will skyrocket.

Increase Safety while Improving Communication

Communication has improved due to a technological evolution that provides fast, cost-effective, and secure services at the push of a button. Push to Talk devices allow employees, teams, and supervisors to communicate with each other instantly. Devices are designed with 4G technology so there will be no need to replace them every year, as is the case with smart phones. The SIM cards in devices makes it possible to address all employees or one employee.

The standard safety features include a panic button and GPS tracking. An employee in danger can push the panic button and say nothing. Help arrives as quickly as possible. This feature is also ideal in the event of a medical emergency. An employee in the field experiencing a sudden health issue, or unable to walk due to an accident, can push that button and know help will arrive.

Saving Money

Adding new equipment often ends up costing money. This system will save the business money. Data networks are utilized to provide clear nationwide communication at low cost. The devices are ready to use right out of the box. Dispatch control software is installed into the business computer and the system is all set up at that point. It is accurate to indicate that Peak Push Can Transform The Way To Communicate At Work.

This alternative is applicable for most industries. Consider the benefits of Push To Talk For Security Companies for example. Trucking, construction, energy, and event services are other examples as well. Compare the safety features of the current communication system with those of Push to Talk to determine if it is the way to better protect employees


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