The Types Of Power Resistors Available In The Market

You need protection for your electronic devices against high voltage power surge. The only way to ensure that there is protection is to be looking for appliances that have power resistors or installing one in your electronic device. It is vital that you get to know the different types of power resistors that are available for you in the market. Power resistors are among the most passive electrical components in an appliance, but their relevance is much more significant than other components. They are essential when it comes to resisting the flow of electrical current in a closed circuit. They are very fundamental and as much the most commonly used in almost every electronic device. The resistors come in various sizes and which needs to be carefully looked at when selecting the right one for your needs; the small surface mount chip resistors to the large wire wound power resistors. It is important to note that power resistors contain no power source or any amplification for that matter and that is why they are passive. They only reduce or attenuate the voltage or current signal that is passing through them.

To understand better the types of power resistor that are available in the market, it is vital that you get to know the different characteristics that define a good power resistor and which also influence the type of resistor you will get in the market. This is important because these particular characteristics determine the accuracy of the resistors when it comes to finding the one that suits your needs and when installing them. The characteristics to look out for are temperature, coefficient, noise, frequency response, power, voltage coefficient, physical size, and reliability. Such information is very crucial especially I instances where you have a lot of options on the table for you to choose from. Find the best power resistors company or check out wirewound Resistor company.

The most commonly used type of resistor is the carbon composition resistor. These types of the resistor are made of carbon dust, at times graphite paste and have very low wattage value. They are less expensive and readily available at any local electronic spare parts store. They are also general and which means that you can use them on any electronic appliances considering that you get the right size. The other type of resistor is the film or cermet resistor that is made by depositing pure metals such as an oxide film or nickel onto an insulating ceramic rod or in other cases substrate. The film resistors are not commonly used by are cheap considering the method of manufacture that allows for much closer tolerance resistors. The other types of resistors you will get in the market are wire-wound and semiconductor resistors. Continue reading more on this here:

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