Tips For Getting The Power Resistors That You Need

In the current market today, it’s a fact that power resistors are already pretty common. However, you should know that there are different kinds of power resistors that you can choose from. Having that said, one of the best of them would be the wirewound resistor. As a matter of fact, the wirewound resistor is quite popular due to its reliability. Electricians agree with the fact that its functionality is quite useful when it comes to power resistors. If you’re planning to buy a wirewound resistor, it’s important that you know more about it first. The wirewound resistor is basically a resistor that uses metal wires. These special metal wires are needed to limit, restrict, and reduce the electrical flow in the device that you’re making or repairing. Also, you should know that the wirewound resistor has the metal wires wrapped around a coil covering. This is necessary to ensure the efficiency of its function. The wirewound resistor is also known for its reliability when it comes to minimizing heat accumulation and its effective heat dissipation.

There are also other reasons why this kind of resistor is one of the most preferred types in the current market. One of those reasons would be the fact that the metal wire wrapping is quite effective when it comes to resistivity. Also, the metal core in it is responsible for additional conduction resistance. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that there are two main types of wirewound resistors. With that said, you will want to get the one that you really need for your project. One of these types would be the power wirewound resistor. The other one would be the precision wirewound resistor. For the power type, this wirewound resistor is known to be non-inductive. This means that it’s something that’s necessary when it comes to high temperature readings. With that said, the power wirewound resistor is something that’s most commonly found in equipment that requires high power or electric current. With this resistor, such devices will not fail due to overheating. Buy a quality¬†high power resistor or¬†current sense resistor.

The for the precision wirewond resistor, it’s basically the complete opposite of the power type. In any case, this type of wirewound resistor is necessary for devices that tend to be subjected to low temperatures. This resistor is also necessary for electronic devices that would require more accuracy. That’s also the reason why it’s been called the precision resistor ever since. When it comes to electronic devices for precise functions and needs, the precision wirewound resistor is a necessary thing to be added. Of course, depending on the purpose of the device that you’re making, you’re free to choose which type of wirewound resistor to use. Continue reading more on this here:

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