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Posted by on February 19, 2019

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, also known simply as QHHT, is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon and one that has seen considerable success when applied to actual clients. In this method, the person is slowly guided by the QHHT practitioner into the somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. Under ordinary situations, a person can only go through this state twice at a time: that second when he is about to fall asleep and that second before he wakes up to full consciousness.

The effectiveness of the technique has been demonstrated in clients who have actually entered the somnambulistic state this method. This led to the realization that a person can go back to their past lives. It is said that these past lives remain with us right under the surface of our conscious mind. With QHHT, you don’t only get an opportunity to connect with their past life or lives but also receive on-the-spot healing if you need it. No matter your age, gender, religious or cultural background, or your personality, you can enjoy the benefits of the QHHT.

One thing you should take note of, however, is that past life regression is beyond the scope of QHHT. Regression involves being guided back into your past life so you can view a few scenes from your birth to your death. The subconscious will dictate which part of your past life will be shown to you, but a QHHT practitioner near me will be guiding the whole process. The period of your past life that the subconscious usually shows is the one of greatest relevance, but you can access several past lives in just single session. You can navigate back into your past life by answering a list of questions asked by the QHHT practitioner.

The key goal of quantum healing practitioners is to improve their clients’ lives. By summoning your subconscious, they can help you reach self-contentment and happiness in the highest possible. This technique even works in terms of identifying the reasons behind the diseases you experience, even to the point of challenging your long-held beliefs. Using QHHT, many people have experienced true and lasting healing from various illnesses or mental conditions, from skin problems to chronic kidney disease to AIDS. More and more people are also reporting getting healed of mental issues, especially anxiety. People can seek QHHT treatment to help them manage life’s daily stresses. In some cases, QHHT has also been proven effective in treating or at least mitigating psychosis.

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