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Posted by on April 22, 2019

DNA testing is an exercise that has been in existence since times in memorial. With the advancement in technology and medicine, there are better methods of DNA testing methods that have been innovated. Genetic testing is essential because it helps people to identify their family lineage. There have been issues of fathers denying their kids because they are not sure that they fathered the child. Through genetic testing it is possible to find out the truth. Genetic testing is the process of identifying the same DNA in people, people that share close blood relation share 99.9 percentage of the same gene. For DNA testing to be done, one has to present a sample of either, hair, blood, skin, and fluids. The sample is then taken to the lab at 23andme sign in, and an analyst checks the genes, the chromosomes, and other aspects. From the result, a conclusion is drawn.

There are various reasons why people should know about their family history. One of them is that it helps people to take precautions on some of the health conditions that they are susceptible. For instance, kids born by parents that had diabetes are more likely to suffer from the same condition. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of it to avoid the foods and the habits that trigger the disease. Physicians also prescribe drugs to people that carry genes that expose them to some of the life-threatening diseases. DNA testing from¬† is necessary to determine the treatment for various people; those people that have a family history of reacting to drugs are given an alternative treatment plan. The third reason why it is essential to take generic testing Is it makes it easier to diagnose some of the diseases that are not easy to diagnose when they are in the early stages. Such disorders are like Alzheimer’s and dementia. DNA testing is also essential in regards to forensic science. Nowadays it is easy to identify the suspects that possibly committed a crime. Genetic testing can also be used to identify unrecognized bodies; in cases of death that are caused by accidents. The only way to identify the body is by comparing the generic genes with those of a close relative.

Genetic testing has been proved to have positive effects on people; people love their lives, so whenever they are warned on something they stop immediately. For instance, people that take alcohol if they warned that they poses a gene that predisposes them to diabetes they will instantly stop. On the other hand, people that take high cholesterol. When they are warned that they have a trait that predisposes them to morbid obesity, they are likely to stop immediately.Thus, many people tend to change their lifestyle after these analysis. To learn more about DNA analysis click here:


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