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Posted by on March 10, 2019


Whizzinator is alternatively known as ‘wet sex simulator’ and one that was primarily meant for sexual fetishism. However, many people usually use it to defeat a drug test by their employers. It is a urinating artificial device and that seems as real by its look since it contains a prosthetic flaccid male reproductive organ. The whole collection has got various components that are easy to use. Again, they are also reliable and silent to use. The assembly consists of a reservoir and a prosthetic. The reservoir is typically filled with artificial urine that mimics the real urine; real color, smell, pH, and foam produced by real urine. It has also got some heating pads to maintain the temperature of urine. It has also got a refill pump to insert in the artificial urine. It is very easy to set up and use real Whizzinator. Before the use of the original whizzinator, the user needs to know how to set and refill it and also how to operate it.

First of all, the user needs to mix or formulate a ninety-millimeter solution of synthetic urine from dried pure laboratory synthetic urine. By use of the refill pump provided, you can now refill the reservoir bag. When using it to produce the urine, the temperature must reflect the right temperature. Therefore, due to that, when one decides nor is ready to use the Whizzinator, the user require placing the heating pad at the back of the reservoir to attain a temperature of about ninety-eight degree Fahrenheit. The device has a temperature indicator that helps the user that the urine has reached the correct temperature limit. In order to drip the urine out of the artificial flaccid male reproductive organ right from the reservoir bag, one only need to use the on and off valve to start and stop the flow of urine from the bag reservoir, click for more. The valve in the real Whizzinator allows the user to handle the flow of the urine by use of a single hand. The valve also allows the user to have full control of the flow of urine out of the reservoir. For instance, the user can conveniently control when to induce the flow and also the rate of flow of the synthetic urine out of the reservoir. Therefore, when in need of a Whizzinator for use, find one that can be easier to use from the reliable dealers. Check out from the websites to know the best that can be convenient for you when in need and use of it. Form the dealer’ site; you can also acquire the manual on how to use it effectively without any problem. For more information, click on this link:


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