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Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

The first high-priced item on the list is also one of the most expensive, with this Brondell model that shows that a bidet does not need to be independent to be luxurious. Made exclusively for elongated toilet seats, it also comes in a multitude of colors consisting of white, beige, biscuits and a white made for round toilet seats. So, if you buy carefully this is one of the most universal options on the list. What separates this product from the Unique bidet toilet seat is the multitude of features built into its small space.

It has sprays for posterior and feminine washes, all with water at a controlled temperature so that it does not hit you when it hits you. The nozzle is a dual stainless steel wide spray attachment, so you will get adequate coverage no matter what size. The key to this model is a wireless remote control that handles the functions of deodorizing and drying hot air integrated into the seat, so it functions as an all-in-one unit to keep it fresh and clean. There are no worries since it is a hard closing seat, since it will close without creating a strong blow and damaging anything in the bathroom. As one of the top 5 bidets on the list, customers will be surprised how well it works in the bathroom.

Toilet seat Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bioide

Functioning as a good alternative to the latest model, this bidet has a control panel built into the right side of the seat. It is a high-priced solution that is more to provide comfort and combine it with luxury. Available in round and elongated models, the side panel has an automatic washing mode for children, so it will work with all family members. This safe product for children ensures that children do not play with the bidet’s functions, and potentially break it. The  bidet seat has a heating function and when you finish using the bidet you can dry it without problems. Using the toilet is easy, and the lid opens quickly and closes slowly so that a strong shock does not occur.

There is a 3 year limited warranty for the product, so it will last a long time before you need to worry about replacing it. The installation takes minutes and is not as complicated as some previous models. You can have this work before the dinner is ready, and the company promises a free installation and packing. If you want to spend a little less but still get an incredible versatile bidet, then this will do the trick.

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