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What are the benefits of having a TOTO toilet?

TOTO believes that the modern preservation requirements that are required in a modern bathroom should not complicate your life at all. Although there is a certain issue that should be addressed with a bath,  that does not mean that you can not have a place that is calm and serene so you can retreat to Read more about What are the benefits of having a TOTO toilet?[…]

Best Toilet Brands in Market

K-3978-0 Wellworth 1.6 Inch Toilet One of the trusted names in the industry, the Kohler K-3978 Wellworth delivers solid value without sacrificing performance. Coming a little up on the water use scale compared to some of the other toilets on the 1.6-gallon per flush list, you can question the effectiveness of this unit, but its Read more about Best Toilet Brands in Market[…]


The brush edge extension Lysol Bowl and Caddy stands out among all the sets of brushes for its durability, its high quality and its built-in antimicrobial agent. This set of brush and cart is a masterpiece of cleaning since the antimicrobial agent installed in the fibers helps greatly in cleaning the container. Dark and deep Read more about LYSOL TOILET BRUSH RIM EXTENSION AND CADDY[…]

The best water saving low flow toilet

To be a candidate for the most efficient toilet regarding the use of water, there are certain requirements that must be met. The most obvious of which is a low amount of water that is consumed with each discharge. Obviously, when choosing efficiency over power, it is also contributing to the environment, which is always Read more about The best water saving low flow toilet[…]

Kohler brand recognition toilet seat

Founded in 1873, Kohler Company is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the United States. They have their hands in various fields and go beyond the plumbing by offering cabinets, tiles, furniture, motors and even generators. The company even has a Disneyland mini-type environment for its products, and through its hospitality and real estate Read more about Kohler brand recognition toilet seat[…]

The foldableCampng toilet

The best ideas are often the simplest. That belief is the core of our main selection, the Green Elephant, simple but extremely practical. It is essentially a renamed version of our old main recommendation, the Toilet Toilet discontinued but much loved. The Green Elephant is super light, but more than tough enough to support the Read more about The foldableCampng toilet[…]