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Best Toilet Brands in Market

K-3978-0 Wellworth 1.6 Inch Toilet

One of the trusted names in the industry, the Kohler K-3978 Wellworth delivers solid value without sacrificing performance. Coming a little up on the water use scale compared to some of the other toilets on the 1.6-gallon per flush list, you can question the effectiveness of this unit, but its performance is its strong point. The rinsing system provides high pressure water, immediately eliminating loose waste and cleaning the bowl. The fully glazed hatch and bowl facilitate cleaning by preventing debris from sticking.

The Wellworth is a two-piece Unique toilet, consisting of a tank and a bowl. Its design is on the traditional side, however, it has a unique carving and shape in the tank and it has an elongated bowl, which many people find more comfortable than round bowls. The height of the bowl is slightly lower than other models at 14 ½ inches (368 mm), which makes it non-compliant with the ADA, however, you can find this height more comfortable. Although it is a relatively basic model, it compensates for rinsing power that is lacking in the high-tech features. If you are looking for a powerful, low-cost flush, this is the toilet for you.

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth WC 0.8 GPF with elongated bowl and tank

Offering a combination of value, efficiency and comfort, this 2-piece Niagra toilet is at the bottom of the cost scale, uses only 0.8 gallons per flush and has an extended front bowl that offers a place comfortable to sit while occupying minimal extra floor space. In addition, Niagara has one of the quietest hunts in the business, a feature that can be beneficial when you do not want to tell the world that you’ve just flushed a toilet. It uses an assisted air flushing mechanism that pressurizes the siphon before flushing and creates vacuum-assisted traction when the flush lever is pulled. This powerful combination of air and water creates a system that constantly cleans the bowl debris with a single flush and minimizes the amount of water required.

This high-tech rinsing system, however, is concealed by a relatively traditional tank and toilet combination that would be suitable for many homes. The Niagara is made from vitreous white porcelain and its design is neither ornate nor elegant and ultra-modern.

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