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Fitting your new toilet seat

Fitting new a toilet seat is easy. But here’s a hint – clean and disinfect the bowl first as you will be working up close!

Toilet seat fittings are pretty much standard these days. Best toilet seat  have adjustable hinges to fit any differences in whole spacing of the bowl. If the toilet seats you choose does not have adjustable hinges make sure the distance between the fixings is spot on.

Assuming you didn’t have any difficulty removing the old toilet seat, hold your new toilet seat in place and check the fixings against the holes in the blow. If any adjustment is needed, you can either take measurements or do it by eye. It’s usually easy enough by eye.

The adjusting screws of the toilet seat are generally hidden when it is fixed in position, so make sure you make them nice and tight, otherwise you’ll have to take the toilet seat off again.

Place the long screws of the toilet seat carefully through the holes in the bowl. There may be some plastic washers that fit on the upper side of the bowl. Take care not to drop them into the bowl as they may be difficult to retrieve (of course you did clean the bowl, didn’t you?).

On the lower side of the toilet seat fittings, you will use plastic or rubber washers and probably plastic butterfly nuts (wing nuts). These butterfly nuts (wing nuts) are intended to be put in position using finger pressure alone. OK, it’s the typical finger pressure of a plumber – someone who is used to tightening things up – so you can do them up quite tight.

If you put on too much pressure, the butterfly nut (wing nut) will break. This is actually a good thing because it means you didn’t crack the bowl, which would be much more expensive. But now you are short of a butterfly nut.

When you buy a replacement, you may only find metal ones available. Take care – you can use a metal butterfly nut, but you could potentially crack the bowl if you did it up too tight.

In conclusion, a new toilet seat is easy to fit and, with the correct precautions, there is little to go wrong.

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