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Kohler brand recognition toilet seat

Founded in 1873, Kohler Company is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the United States. They have their hands in various fields and go beyond the plumbing by offering cabinets, tiles, furniture, motors and even generators. The company even has a Disneyland mini-type environment for its products, and through its hospitality and real estate group it often markets its many business positions through the Kohler destination. This includes golf courses, hotels, private clubs, stores, restaurants and company sponsored events.

Although not as dominant as Toto when it comes to toilets, his many adventures make them the American alternative by far. Some of the other companies of the company is the Kohler Mansion restored in Sheboygan called John Michael Kohler Arts Center. An arts / industry program takes place there for 2-6 months, where aspiring artists have the free will to create art using industry materials and equipment. Kohler has held shares and other things in the family, and the current CEO is David Kohler.

KOHLER K-3393-47 San Raphael Comfort Height One-piece elongated toilet

With probably one of the most exclusive designs in the industry, Kohler offers this low profile tank model at one of the highest prices in the market. It comes in almond colors, ice gray and innocent blush. The San Rafael is very beautiful, and looks more like a seat in an elegant living room than a real toilet. Using the same features as the last model on the list with comfort height, users will feel more comfortable sitting in this toilet than in the best seat in their home.

The mechanics for the product are also first class, and it uses a double discharge actuator to possibly give the most powerful rinsing in the entire Kohler alignment. Rough on is the usual 12 inches and the toilet has dimensions of 30 × 19.5 × 21.5 with a weight of 117 pounds. This certified WaterSense masterpiece only uses 1 gallon per download, which makes the high price more than acceptable if you consider the potential for long-term savings. Along with the 1-year limited warranty, buyers will also get a product that is fully ADA compliant. Undoubtedly one of the nicest toilets you can buy, and also one of the most efficient in water consumption on the list.

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